Sunday, January 18, 2009

Blasphemy: The New Pandemic

I stood on the shore and looked out over the ocean.
It was so beautiful and peaceful, rested my soul.
I came a long way to see this, anticipating.
It was so refreshing, yet so full of sorrow.

Edward Snyder

Let me start off saying: I am far from perfect, but, I strive to be what God wants me to be. A lot of people would dispute my claim of trying to know the Lord more intimately. They are people who have been close to me, however, never knew me. The one person who would scoff the loudest would be my ex-wife. She can spit out scriptures to impress. She will say to a coworker if anybody doesn't like all the scriptures and godly inspirations on her desk, that's just too bad. She boasts that it wasn't her that sold a house, but, God; she is truly blessed. For the sake of her privacy, I will call her Ronda. Ronda is the one whom educated me on the evil eye. It was very hard for me to accept that she was the evil eye in my life.

This isn't an article on ex-wife bashing, but, Ronda is the typical example of blasphemy disguised as Christianity, and self righteousness. Their own ambitions, expectations and agendas blind them to God's Will and love for them. They don't truly believe God can move in their life, they must take charge. Many people attend churches regularly and worship with all their might while there. They leave church and go be the rudest people on the planet. Ronda sells homes and is trained in sizing people up as soon as they walk in the door, so as to know what type of personality she needs to be to gain their confidence. She generates this act of really caring about the client's needs and out to fight the establishment for them. If they only knew how she talked about them later. Unfortunately, Ronda sized up my personality type, and became just what she thought I needed. I know too well how she talked about me later. She never really cared who I was in my soul. She only was attentive when I spilled my guts about my past so she could use it as weapons against me when the time was right. Even more unfortunate, I really cared about her, which opened me up for the attack. She viewed my kindness as a weekness. She would have you believe I am the anti-Christ and she had no part in the destruction of our marriage. Actually, she was guilty of most of the things she accused me of, but, she hides behind the veil of Christianity.

As are most people who call themselves Christians, Ronda is convinced her salvation is stamped and certified. They seem to be misled into believing that no matter how they deceive and mistreat people, God has already forgiven them and they are going to heaven. That misconception is entirely the responsibility of Evangelists who take bits and pieces from the Bible and convince them they shouldn't feel guilty. This is exactly what they want to hear (warm and fuzzy sermons), so they keep coming back, which is the most important thing to the Evangelists...NUMBERS.
Many televangelists sell blessings. They have the right blessing for your budget.
  • $17 will get you a special blessing
  • $170 you will receive a super special blessing
  • And for just $1700 if you rush to the phone you will get the Super Special Deluxe Blessing, but it's a limited time offer.

How can any sane person think that as long as they sort of believe that Jesus was the son of God and died for our sins (but don't really believe all God's Word) they can continue to do any despicable thing and they are going to be received in Heaven with open arms? Today's preachers are teaching people the more they give, the more they will get in return, and that is exactly the only reason why they give. They are looking for a return on their money. They do things for other people, only if someone is watching, so it impresses, or abolishes their evil works. Some of the TV Evangelists should give up their infomercials and drop to their knees and repent before it is too late. They preach about the rapture (when God brings His faithful up to Heaven before the Tribulation), but, they wont be going. They are not faithful. They are not preaching God's Word, they are twisting it and perverting it to make money. They claim, and some even believe(like Ronda), they are blessed by God. That is impossible. God will never bless those who pervert His Word or hold bitterness in their hearts...IT WON'T HAPPEN! Rather, they are enabled by the enemy and have a long way to turning their hearts around before Jesus(or the Holy Spirit) can ever come into their heart. They think, or claim, God speaks to them...they need to get over themselves, and get with reality, before it is too late.
Most atheists are considerate and polite and charitable people, they just won't see heaven; many Christians feel they have a "License To Kill". Will they really see heaven when they have consciously blasphemed?

We are supposed to give from our heart, no strings, and God knows our heart. You cannot fool God. When I was young and stupid (26), a business associate, friend, and my pastor, once admitted to me that he became a minister as a business decision, as there are so many hurting people out there and they are dying to give there money to someone- it might as well be him. There is nothing in the New Testament that states God promises monetary wealth, but, spiritual wealth is what we are to strive for. In the Old Testament He rewarded those who were obedient to His law with earthly riches. The New Covenant which Jesus brought us was intended to teach us that the worldly things are not important and our reward for being humble and loving Christians is eternal life. The only way God could give us a break for our sins and the opportunity to have a personal relationship with Him, was to give us the choice of whether to believe in Jesus, His most precious Son. That is not a popular sermon, however, and if preached people would look for a church which pumps them up and makes them feel good. This enables people to defuse their conscience and seek all they can obtain in this life, no matter who they hurt in the process. They will premeditatedly seek God's forgiveness afterward.

This is all a form of blasphemy. When people use the name of our Saviour, or twist his word, for personal gain it is unforgivable. No matter what they profess to believe, if what is in their heart is contrary to the true Word of God they may as well make their plans to be around for the Tribulation. There will be many ministers who take credit for saving people wondering where everybody went post rapture. Judging by their integrity, I predict most 'left behind' self-professed Christians will accept the mark of the beast. God knows what is in our heart. We are all sinners, every single human on the face of this earth. Nobody is without sin and we all come short of the Glory of our Lord. We are all the same in His eyes. He is forgiving, but, His Word is clear and constant and never changes; nor can we change it. His Word is to be respected and if we try to change it for our own needs or lifestyle, that is blasphemy.

Most Muslims believe if you are able to take advantage of someone for personal gain, even if they get hurt in the process, then it was your time to be blessed and their time to learn a lesson in life. More and more Christians are secretly taking on this same belief. They rationalize either ignoring another person in need, or taking advantage of another person in need. So many people who wave their arms in service on Sunday, or pray the loudest, or take communion are going to be very shocked when they are LEFT BEHIND. Jesus taught to love and pick up a brother or sister(or spouse) in need, even if it hurts. Others first is God's Word. Me first is New Age, or the enemy. My wife, telling me I wasn't the Christian leader I needed to be, inflicted unnecessary pain, and is proud of it to this day. First, nobody leads Ronda except when she is creating that illusion, and second, she stands in church and holds her arms up toward Heaven, worshiping with tears in her eyes, then goes right back to her bitter ways like turning off the faucet. Her favorite expression is "I deserve to be selfish" and feels she has to be in control; not her husband, definitely not God. She expected to vilify her husband 90% of the time, be civil 10%, but, seeks God's Blessing 100%. Sure!
When an argument started heating up between my wife and I and I mentioned anything to the effect our behaviour wasn't godly, she would exclaim "Leave God out of this!" We would, and it would just get uglier.
Once again, I am not venting over the way my ex-wife mistreated me, rather, she is the perfect example for me to reach out to those of you who profess to be believers, when you do not trust or believe in the Word of God, truly. Satan tricks us into believing there is no rapture or we have a long time to make up for what we've done, before we ever have to worry about that. Especially when someone has it in their heart to be in control over others, Satan knows this is contrary to God's Word and can use it to destroy a person's salvation and the salvation of those around them. Once a person has embraced the desire to control and manipulate, the enemy can enable them and even empower them to accomplish their goal. As with my wife, she would be so convinced her success was blessings from God.
Satan also tricks believers and non-believers alike into believing there is no reason to be concerned of the end times or a rapture. That is why throughout the Word of God you will find warning after warning to beware of false profits. Satan has used countless subjects, mostly reverends and pastors and many we didn't hear of in the media, to project this 'falsehood' attitude and disbelief accord regarding the 'end of the world'. The Moons, Karesh's and Jim Jones of the past have created the image in most hearts it is silly to believe the true Word of God. First, the Earth will never end, but, Jesus will return to judge the world and before he does there will be great suffering and the world as we know it will end. He has promised to spare his faithful by bringing us up to Heaven before that happens. Now, you have heard several times, through some sort of media, this is going to happen. Stop to think for one second: this is not one delusional mad man you are hearing this from. All Theologians are in agreement that by all biblical indications this is soon to happen. If you are even somewhat familiar with just the key parts of God's Word and believe, you will see it could happen tonight, right as I am typing this. Are you really willing to gamble you are right over everyone else, even though you do not have near the evidence you should to base that conclusion? The wager is you will be LEFT BEHIND. What you think is so important in this world now will be gone in a blink of the eye.

Too many Christians are spiritually retarded. They have the totally wrong idea of what it means to be a Christian and yet are the first to judge others. They have been misled by Pastors who are either corrupt, or confused themselves, for so long, they are convinced that their superficial act is all they need to assure their salvation; when in private they are instruments of evil. I have relied on my personal relationship with the Lord to get me through troubled times. I have not shared my feelings or problems with anyone at length, except my Lord, but, when my Bible group AND Pastor knew my wife left, they distanced themselves from me. When I finally called them on it, they claim it is "Tough Love". What? What!!? When I didn't make it to church around the holidays, anyone is yet to call and check on me to see if I am O.K. I considered the pastor my friend; at least he said he was. The church has about 25 members on a good day. Hopefully it will stay small as new believers stay away from this kind of Christianity. All need to accept Christ as our Saviour, BUT, discern whether a church, or anyone, is acting out of love and God's word. The only way to know is to familiarize yourself with God's Word. I assure you it is based on love and mercy and never personal gain.

Rather than striving only for numbers, pastors or churches need to take care of the numbers they have. It definitely is important to work as diligently as we can to show people the need to give their life to Christ. It is just as important to follow up with the ones who have, so they don't fall back. It is equally as important to teach the Word of God with integrity, as it is to get people saved, or what use is it? If you, as a pastor, do not care about being left behind, what about all the people you are misleading? You are responsible and you will be accountable.

Definition of integrity:
the quality or state of being complete; unbroken condition; wholeness; entirety
the quality or state of being unimpaired; perfect condition; soundness
the quality or state of being of sound moral principle; uprightness, honesty, and sincerity

Note: To all pastors, televangelists, ministers of any kind providing the Word of God to Christians; copy and paste the above definition to notepad, print, cut out with scissors and tape it to your Bible or wallet or whatever gets your attention the most. Any deviation from the same is despicable and your salvation is at hand.
For more reading on the Rapture and Bible Prophecy and don't miss the Hal Lindsey Report .
If you have never given your heart to the Lord, or you are not sure of your salvation, it is very simple. God made it simple for us. After admitting that you are a sinner, you need to ask forgiveness and let Jesus know that you believe that He died for you and that you want Him to be Lord of your life. A simple prayer will do, just say, "Lord Jesus I am a sinner, I ask your forgiveness and I want to thank you for dying on the cross for me and my sins and I want you to become Lord of my life". That's all you need to do, trust him and he will start changing your life for the better. Start reading the Bible and ask him to teach you, he will. Ask him to direct you to a good church that teaches his word, he will guide you. Start praying and asking him to direct your life, he will teach you how to live. And for Heaven sake forgive others as He has forgiven you. Please read I Peter 4:1-11. *** If you don't have a Bible yet, you may purchase a nice one for very low prices at my Bible Integrity Store. I recommend, in addition to a King James Version, The Evidence Bible by Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort. If Someone in your life is obsessed with being in control and wreaking havoc, then please watch this 25 minute video (just click link and click play button). We are all sinners by nature. Our Lord is merciful, and not draconian, by nature. If you make every attempt to be righteous in His Word, He will surely Bless you. Proverbs, 3:5 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding".