Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Labor Pains Get Closer Together

Twice last week the Ayatollah of Iran, the supreme leader, issued a public statement, contrary to what so many have been misled to believe. He confirmed once again, the radical views of Iran's President, Mahmud Ahmuhnuttjhob, is not exclusively his (and carried no weight). The announcements rejecting any resolve between Iran and Israel/US relations came on the heels of yesterdays broadcast of US President Barack Obama's appeal to the Iranians, "We come in peace".

President Obama has been advised over and over the notion of embracing Iran and changing their mind to destroy Israel and the West is futile. Immediately after taking office, the President, operating on his own agenda, issued orders to close the Guantanamo Bay Prison, where the terrorist captives are being held. His priority in beginning his administration was to send out a message to terrorists that we are capable of dealing. Once again, he was advised continuously by all experts the futility of dealing with terrorists. All radical Muslims, and especially Iran, want to hear just one thing from America...our surrender to the Muslim belief. When it comes to Israel, total annihilation and nothing less.

We keep being force fed mythical, misled beliefs that most Muslims are all about peace, and wish us and Israel no harm. The fact is, the Koran teaches that all infidels should be killed if they refuse to convert. The Iranian President has made all preparations for the return of their Mufti, the Muslim equivalent of a messiah. The Mufti, by Muslim teachings, can only return when a third World War has taken place, and the earth is cleansed of all infidels. The Iranian President believes he can make this most holy Muslim event occur sooner by starting this war of all wars.

Barack Obama has been made aware of all aspects of trying to negotiate with Iran. He will disregard all intelligence laid out for him in a desperate attempt to thwart any events taking place on his watch. This was President Clinton's philosophy. It is my belief, when Clinton and Obama met in private after the elections, the most prominent message was to make all attempts to divert any conflict. The Democrats do not want to spend a dime on military costs, or defence. They see that as wasted money which could be spent on welfare to romance voters. Clinton stripped our military budgets, depriving soldiers of necessary equipment. Usama bin Laden was just taking the stage in his realm of evil. Two Embassies and USS Cole had been bombed. Shortly before Clinton was to leave office, he was notified of the exact coordinates of bin Laden's location. He refused to give the order to take out the bin Laden, stating he would leave that for the next President to deal with it.

September 11, 2001 the next President, George W Bush, was forced to deal with it. The Democrats began a campaign to draw attention away from Clinton's gross negligence. It was released to newspapers and liberal media intelligence was made available to President Bush to suggest he failed to act. Such a noise was made, the truth was buried. President Obama is repeating the same strategy, throwing constant blame in daily campaign speeches, and making foreign affair policies that will be the death of us.

Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, has issued Israel warning from Obama that America will accept no less than division of Jerusalem to the Palestinians. The New Prime Minister of Israel, Netinyahu, has already begun putting together a military strategy to deal with Hamas and the Iranians. The same day Hillary Clinton was in Israel, the Prime Minister of Great Britain was in our Senate Building mapping out his proposal for global government, which Obama embraces. In fact, most world leaders are in favor of a global administration. Obama's financial policies are creating a devastating situation of which a drastic global solution may well be the only course.

In the course of just ten days we have seen Biblical Prophecy come to life as never before. People have been led from reason and truth as never before. The lies and confusion of the enemy, so as to set the stage for the Antichrist, is prevalent as never before. We have been informed by reliable Russian sources Iran is much further along in achieving nuclear weapons than previously believed. Ten years ago, most Christians thought it was impossible for us to be in such a state that any of these things would be conceivable. Prophetic events are unfolding at an increased rate, just like a woman's labor pains. That is what the Bible refers to as the conditions of the world, nearing the end times. It will be in turmoil.

We, as Christians, must be in a frame of mind so as to constantly be prepared to share our faith with loved ones, friends, or even strangers given the opportunity. A few years ago most Theologians believed we had many years before certain events could be conceived of through our confusion. Now, all these events are unfolding at a staggering rate, and society as a whole, is definitely confused. When many vanish without a trace in the rapture, most left behind will succumb to the explanation of terrorists or aliens at fault.

I am saddened by the thought of so many left behind, due to stubbornness and ignorance. I am also increasingly finding many 'Christians' do not even believe in the pre-Tribulation rapture. We must make every attempt to get through to all who may be in a state of not being saved. We cannot take the chance of a loved one remaining in the Tribulation. Examine yourself. Are you living with any iniquity? If so, repent, and focus on the Lord. Then, focus on everyone around you. Are they where they should be with the Lord? When we are in His presence, we will be accountable for every soul we let get away without service to Him. When you see me up there, introduce yourself.

Don't Tread On Me

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Monday, March 23, 2009

The Real Battle

The one thing we need to keep in the front of our conscious awareness is...who do we serve? The events of today, as we are led to perceive them, are not controllable by humans. It is written, and always has been. The real battle is not between capitalism and socialism, left and right, nation and nation, but, between Good and evil.

When you view this full length documentary, do so with an open mind. Put your misguided, liberal, cult following rhetoric aside for just a few moments. We can make a noise for a season, but, nothing will change what is already in place. All you are about to see has been prophecy for thousands of years. The whole reason for Satan to confuse and manipulate the majority of Pastors and people we have always placed our trust in, is so we will not accept the truth when it slithers up and bites us in the face. The only real "CHANGE" we can believe in... as Christian Soldiers is to prepare as many loved ones, as well as strangers, to be with us in the final prophecy, and avoid the final conflict.

more about "The Real Battle", posted with vodpod *So you ask, "If all this is written, why then should I get involved?" Good question! Because God hates 'luke warm' believers. That is people who profess to belong to Him, but, just sit back and let others serve in His name. We are to be on fire for Him. That is written, also. When we become indifferent to the consequences which encompass our life we are missing out on the enormous opportunity to bring others to salvation. We simply rationalize the need to serve. God does not need our service. It is not for His benefit. It is for our benefit. On judgement day, which will come to all, He will ask why we did not serve Him. *When we get into our comfort zone, which I believe the 'warm & fuzzy' preachers are mostly to blame, we lose the need to act. When the bad news (ie: iniquity in our life) is watered down, we lose the need for the good news. If we cannot point out to a non-believer the need for being saved, why then should he feel the urgency to be saved? If we are to believe most evangelists, we are all saved and and don't have to worry about the iniquity in us. This is a play on words. *As we may have been led to believe we were saved at one time, because we said the prayer of salvation, we never followed up by seeking His Will. Many point out to me scripture such as Paul's letters to the Hebrews, Galatians and Romans, etc., which speak of never losing our salvation. That is true, for the TRUE believer. Commonly, evangelists snatch what they like from the Bible to make their 'warm & fuzzy' point. They do us a disservice, as they are sealing our fate. If the same context was continued in its integrity, all these messages pertaining to salvation, such as Hebrews 6:4, would point out - if you professed, but, returned to iniquity, you missed the point of being saved, and never were. *When we are saved, we surrender to the Lord as our Saviour. We commit to the Holy Spirit in our life. The Holy Spirit will not share us with the fleshly desires we choose. As we take back our iniquity, and love the world, we reject the Holy Spirit. To reject the Holy Spirit is blasphemy. To fall away from the Lord for a season means we didn't understand what it really meant to follow Him and we were never really saved, but, think we are. This is why I preach the simple fact, the atheist has a better chance to go to Heaven than the common "Christian". The common misled believer is comfortably mistaken they have nothing to worry about, and will be shocked when they are damned. The atheist has a chance to realize his calamity, and truly turn his heart over to the Lord. We cannot love the world and love the Lord. It's your choice.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Plague Abounds

I must give credit, where credit is due. This article was inspired by the recent teachings of Jonathan Falwell, son of the late Jerry Falwell. A very public figure, his message is heard by millions every week. When I heard his latest sermon, "Biblical Integrity", I knew exactly what Jesus felt when he was outraged at the Temple and drove out the merchants as they were desecrating the house of His Father (Mat 21:12).
Most of Mr. Falwell's message was the usual soft, 'warm & fuzzy' sermon I have heard so many times. The certain ideology that really struck me, however, was the profound statement he delivered, "Even if you are living a life of sin, you cannot lose your salvation". Usually I am cautious about using direct quotes, but, as in the case with Larry Huch, I do not want to deprive them of something to ponder when half (optimistic) of their church is gone, and they are 'left behind'. Larry Huch feels God does not expect "Americans in 2009" to follow His Word as it was written two millenniums ago.
Once again, as so many others before him, Mr Falwell quoted scripture from Apostle Paul. We must remember, Paul was writing to believers, not heathens. It was Apostle Paul who wrote in the letter to the Galatians 2:20, It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me; and this life I now live in the flesh, I live by the faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave His life for me.
When we took the step in faith, and accepted Christ as our Saviour, we died to sin. We were washed clean of the sin of our past. As believers, we are not simply committing to the vow of believing Jesus died on the Cross, therefore, we can now go on living a life of sin without guilt. Being 'born again' means our heart has been changed and we have now committed to following Christ. We are to live our life as though He could return any minute. We have been so displaced from that notion, we rationalize everything we do which we know offends God.
By giving these totally false messages, the false teachers are watering down our concept of the need to follow God's Word. The good news is that we were given the opportunity to fellowship with God and secure our place in Heaven. We didn't do anything to deserve this. By God's standard we are filthy, even if we are at our best. We are saved by His Grace alone. To give into sin is mocking His effort for us and spitting on Jesus. We are in effect crucifying Jesus all over again when we willfully sin.
Preachers who spread this diluted message that Christ died for our sin so we wouldn't feel guilty as we continue to sin, should find an honest job, or call their new religion something else. Their message is in no way a true reflection of Christianity. How can seemingly intelligent people misconstrue God's Word so profoundly? Satan's confusion. Satan's goal is to keep as many as possible from salvation. When so much contradiction and hypocrisy abounds, there is no standard. When people are conceived to be godly and contradict God's Word, atheists catch it easier than believers. When they see no unity or conformity, why should they believe?
As a Christian, our heart is transformed and we turn away from sin. As we unintentionally sin, the gift of the Holy Spirit in our life makes us feel conviction for the sin and we immediately repent and turn our focus back on God and we are forgiven. When we willfully sin we are turning away from God and His goodness. He is all righteous and just and hates sin. As followers, we are to hate sin, as well. We are human and not expected to be Saints, but we are expected to be disciples, as was Paul, who the misguided preachers love to quote.
Jesus was not 'pulling our leg' when he said, "Not everyone who says to me 'Lord, Lord' will enter the kingdom of Heaven, but he that does the will of my Father which is in Heaven"(Mat 7:21).
Are we to believe that we should only live by that portion of God's Word that was written in a way we can manipulate it to make us feel better? This is what Falwell and so many others like him want you to believe. Should we then disregard the parts of the Bible that conflicts with our heathen lifestyle? Is our biggest sin really feeling guilty about our sin? In Mat 7:21 Jesus was talking to you Mr Falwell, and all of you who pervert His Word to increase your attendance. Jesus was speaking directly to people who profess Him with their mouth, but, ignore His Word and live wickedly.
This is why most Christians have a rude awakening ahead. I have a fairly strong following of my articles. It is not because my writing is popular. Most of whom keep up with my message, are only doing so to find another angle for which to argue. I receive much more hate mail, than support for what I relay. When I first started to relay God's message, all I received was condemnation. For so long it did not bother me, as I knew I was being obedient.
There came a day when I even started to doubt myself. I fervently prayed for God to somehow confirm I was sending out an accurate account. Mind you, up to that point, I was the only person I knew of relaying this message. You won't find it on TBN or Daystar. I had not had time to do enough research to confirm...I only did what I was told.
I had Pastors and seasoned Christians attacking me because I was contradicting their way of preaching. That day, when I was looking for confirmation from God, I was afraid He would think I was showing lack of faith in what He directed me to carry out. I knew I should not question His will, but, I needed to know I was not misinterpreting what He had told me. Immediately, as I got off my knees, I was Divinely directed to several Christians, one after another, who also were called to spread the same message. I realized then, it was the enemy attempting to instill doubt in me, but, God is most merciful. If we are operating in His Will, His Grace abounds. If you stay persistent, He will guide you in every aspect of your life. If you do not seek His Will, Satan will find a break in your faith and get a stronghold, as he has done with so many Christians.
Don't rely on any man to tell you if you are saved. Pick up the Word of God and give your heart to Him, instead of rebelling over His Word. You are not accomplishing anything by burying your head in the sand. Jesus does not fall for your ignorant act, no matter how much you will it. If you are living in sin without repentance, He is not there. Jesus says, "Go away from me you that work iniquity, I never knew you" (Mat 7:23). Again, He is speaking to people who profess Him.
The following is the message I "Dared to send to such a man of God" (another direct quote).

email to J Falwell:
I realize Pastor Falwell is too busy to read an email which does not address anything relevant to the moment, but, I must do my part by attempting to get the message to him. You better examine yourself and where your salvation stands. You live and teach a myth that just because we say a prayer once, and profess with our mouth, we can "Live a life of sin" and cannot lose our salvation. Really? If you choose to believe that, is one thing, but, you are teaching it to people which whom are not understanding you are misled. They use your very words to live a life of sin. I know you say it separates a relation with the Lord. I know, they are responsible to find out the truth on their own, and will be accountable on their own. It is not an excuse that they listened to a misled preacher. But your irresponsible teaching is growing the separation of God and His people. Not exactly on the narrow path are you? And the title of your sermon is Biblical Integrity

It probably wouldn't do you any harm to read what Biblical Integrity really is about. I was led by the Lord to address this very issue. It is very sad to have a calling to tell Christians they cannot live as they want. I am sure your vanity will keep you from reading anything contrary to what you believe and teach. You will be just as stubborn as Larry Flint was with your father, as he tried and tried to reason with him. Your father felt he had a calling, to address a disease in this country. I am not intending to sound insulting when I say your words are contributing to that disease. I am not a kook or religious fanatic. I didn't even want the mission God Divinely led me to do. Please, if you are a staff member reading this, make some attempt to relay this message to Mr Falwell, in God's Holy name. I will continue to pray for you, and hope God can turn your heart around and refrain from your 'warm & fuzzy sermon' which serves only Satan. God Bless you and your family.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Following On Your Terms: You Are The Boss

It is 2009. My, how we have progressed since Jesus gave His 'sermon on the mount' roughly two millenniums ago. Life was so much easier back then. Today, amidst all the technological advancement and responsibility in our lives, it is so much more complicated. There are so many things to take into consideration before judging someone for their lack of devotion to their Saviour. We have to live in this busy, dog-eat-dog society. and if we are going to survive and compete, there is no way we are expected to adhere to policies implemented so long ago.
Jesus had no idea of how intricate the nature of our modern society would become. All that He implied and suggested regarding how we were to live, was only meant for the people in His time.
The Ten Commandments was easy in a time when the people had so few problems with which to consider. When God gave the people those Commandments, they were intended only for that era. He certainly intended for us to alter and make amendments, in the same manner we must amend our Constitution. It was fine two centuries ago, but, now we have to change it to fit our way of life.
Reading beyond this point may cause
serious injury or DEATH to the
wretched person inside you
The previous stated ideas and philosophy is quite common among Christians, more than you would care to guess. I have heard it, lived with it, and have even believed some of it myself. As we choose to love the world, and everything in it, we must take on this way of thinking to support our misguided desires. To truly follow Jesus, and His Word, we would have to totally give up our love affair with the flesh. YES! That is exactly what He expected, even from us - two Millenniums ago.
God knew from the time we were created, the difficulties that faced us. The prophets in The Old Testament even knew how complicated our life would be, today. If we were to put down all our defence of our wretched ways long enough to read it, the Word of God prophetically points out the events we face today. Even if you are not a Theologian, you can understand enough to see that all the warnings and signs of the end times are at hand.
The Commandments were intended for all. the only One that ever existed on this earth not influenced by evil, was the Son of God. His arrival on this earth, and His second coming, was stated all throughout The Old Testament. His words were meant to be our way of life, regardless of the situation we live in today. It is the well crafted lies of the enemy which influences our non-conformity way of thinking and rationale.
We have always reached for higher learning and understanding to succeed in the world today. Our desire to succeed, greed, and will to control that which gets in our way, is enhanced and empowered by Satan. When the hunger to succeed in our will grows, so does the compromise of our morality. As long as things are going our way, and we are romanced by the world, we choose to live in the flesh.
Unfortunately, for most of us, it takes tragedy to lead us to the truth, which is the Word of God. If we did not stray, our Shepherd, Jesus, would lead us to a prosperous life, but, with commitment attached. Satan's way is easy, for a season. It feels so good when things are going our way, why would we ever give that up? Maybe out of love for the most Holy Saviour? Heaven forbid we fastened to righteousness. The enemy would send someone in our path to proclaim we are living in 'good works' and that would be lack of faith. Contrary to that myth, God expects us to be righteous.
My sister is a believer, to an extent. She sounds like a disciple when anyone else has a problem. She states we have 'little faith' and should trust in the Lord. When things are not going her way, she is far from godly thinking. She keeps self help books around her, but, no Bible. I have pointed out to her that certain books she follows, are demonic. Her favorite preacher is Joel Osteen, who is not a preacher of the Word, but, a motivational speaker who occasionally mentions the Bible, and misinterprets it. She will become angry, and state abruptly, "You believe what you want". It's such a shame how misled, and misleading Osteen is, as I knew of his father, Rev John Osteen, passed away, whom I considered to be a true man of God. It's not all about numbers.
None of us should believe what we want. We should only believe His Word. It is not tricky, or deceiving. The enemy makes it sound that way, to influence our rebellion of it. I mentioned to a couple of the guys in my Bible Group, three years ago, that I wanted to go to Washington in support of Israel with the Christians United For Israel. The anger which seethed from them scared me, and I am not easily frightened. They began a verbal lashing, quoting 1John 2:15: Do not love the world, or the things in the world. The love of the Father is is not in those who love the world. They not only acted like demons in trying to make their ill fated point, they couldn't see the truth in what God meant by those words.
The dreadful thing of it is, I am not talking about atheists. Rather, I am referring to "Christians". The ones that should be a disciple for Christ, are, for the most part, the biggest violators of His Word. It breaks my heart, that so many are fooled into believing they are alright. It broke my heart when I heard a man whom I always considered holy, imply to millions on various networks, Jesus was not the only way. I don't know if Dr Billy Graham was experiencing complications with his medication, or what, but, he wasted a whole life of dedication to the Lord in just a few seconds, on Rev Robert Schuller's weekly show.
Satan has managed to infiltrate even the strongest Christians. I ask everyone to pray for Dr Graham, as I have not heard of an explicit retraction to his statement on The Hour of Power that night. I don't mean some dancing around public statement which excuses his comments. He needs to make a closed circuit message to the whole world, just as his confused message was heard around the world. Pray that happens, please.
We all are led astray for a moment, at times. But, when we refuse to see the truth and live in iniquity, we are not saved, no matter how many ugly messages you send me. You are the one who is misled, if you live in a way that is offensive to the Lord, not me. You are the one who will be looking around for a loved one, or an office colleague, or the rest of your church, seconds after the rapture takes place if you deny the Word. Many evangelists will keep you company. It would almost be funny, that I am talking to Christians, if the outcome wasn't so horrible. This is reality. I am not a kook, or a religious fanatic. God knows, I don't believe in religion. I rebelled against this mission God called me to do.
It was as with Moses, not that I am comparing myself to Moses. The situation, where he did not see any way he could 'pull off ' what God was telling him to do. I bucked the idea at first, but, the Lord set it all up, and I finally obeyed. I could tell you things that would 'knock your socks off ' as to how this came to be - me, of all people, writing and ministering to people. I have never written about it, so don't speculate if you've been a loyal follower. I just hope I can get through to some, as I know, realistically, I won't appeal to many. That is too bad. I pray I get through to as many as possible. When you see me, after Jesus takes us up, please, let me know who you are, so I will feel blessed, and we can laugh about my grammar. God Bless you.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Crossfire: Cross Focus

Most of us are aware of the show that was broadcast as far back as I can remember, called Crossfire. Similar to today's "Hannity & Colmes", there were two hosts with apposing views on contemporary issues of the times. It came to mind as I contemplated a view published by a Christian ministry regarding Arthur Blessitt and his forty year journey carrying the Cross around the world. They claimed in their article he was led by Satan, "Parading around, making a spectacle of himself, to draw attention to himself, using the symbol of what man did to the Lord."
The article went on to say, the Cross is the symbol of Christ's death. When he was risen, and lives, we continue to worship a tree, a piece of wood. Their was much more rambling, but, you get the point. Apparently, many believers share this point of view. While I found their argument intriguing and compelled to give them the benefit of the doubt, there is one huge mistake in the basis for their point of view. Man did not kill Jesus.
Jesus knew His fate, all along the way. He did it willingly, and no man had a choice in the matter. Praise Jesus. Everything that Jesus experienced was written, and could not be stopped, even if there was a Roman equivalent to Perry Mason at the time. That "tree" is the symbol of His willing sacrifice, just to give us the gift of salvation. We humans have a hard time remembering exactly what Jesus went through, for our sake only. We cannot conceive of His Passion, in the midst of our selfishness.
I have tried to get my sister to watch Mel Gibson's, "The Passion of the Christ", again. She has seen it once, and according to her, that is enough. To watch it again, "would just be morbid", is a common opinion. We have a thousand excuses when it comes to rationalizing our neglect of the attention God so rightly deserves. The Bible says we are to 'pray without ceasing'. We get caught up in the worldly things and events and think that since we are busy, we are excused from any direct, consistent involvement with the Lord. We don't even think about Him for days, sometimes. We think about Him right away, though, when a setback, or tragedy arrives to disrupt our fleshly lives.
When we become Christians, we are saying to God we are dying to that fleshly, or worldly life, and committing to seek His Will. How many times have we gotten caught up in a project, maybe at work or around the house, and completely forgot a previously scheduled errand. Maybe it was something we promised to do for our boss, or spouse. We genuinely intended to carry out the task with all our heart, but, their reaction is as though we never intended to do it at all. Aren't we lucky to have such a wonderful, awesome Lord, which whom, has the just and merciful nature, such as He does. Rather than a Draconian god, who would punish us for a mishap, a mistake; we have a loving, merciful, all knowing Father, that sees in our heart, and judges us righteously.
We cannot begin to conceive of His Holiness, and Goodness. We tend to do things we are aware are not agreeable to Him, or know right out, He hates. He hates all sin, big or small, but, we rationalize it, anyway. No!... we definitely need something to remind us of just how far He was willing to go for us, and what we owe Him. The Cross is the symbol of His sacrifice, and a reminder of our responsibility to stay on the narrow path, as a Christian.
To ignore the importance of the Cross, would be just as silly as denying the privilege of sharing Communion with Jesus. They are both the gifts of being Christians. The Cross is the constant reminder of how dirty we are, and what it took to wash us clean. His blood was shed on the Cross, so we would have the opportunity to one day share His kingdom, which there will be no end.
This world, which we cherish so much we are willing to deny Him, will end someday. To receive His forgiveness, and the gift of the Holy Spirit in our lives, all that is expected of us is to repent, and honor His sacrifice. We are not worshiping a tree when we pray in front of the Cross. We are not paying homage to wood when we lay our iniquities at the foot of the Cross. We are acknowledging the greatness of a supreme Being that would do something so wonderful for someone who is so undeserving. It is only through His Goodness that we are given the opportunity to deserve it.
We must realize, every time we ignore the Cross, and turn away from our Saviour, we are spitting on Him, and His graciousness. It is only through His Grace, we are able to turn away from the temptations of today, and partake in a supernatural relationship with Him, through faith in the Cross. There should be more emphasis placed on the Cross. We are letting a relative few heathens dictate where we can place a Cross, as it offends them. Why would a simple tree, or piece of wood, offend anyone? It is not a "green" issue. It is not a violation of nature that stirs some to violence and rebellion. It is what the Cross stands for. If only it stirred so much passion in the believer.
Christians typically take the Cross for granted, as they have rationalized its importance. Just as the typical agnostic refrains from admitting the reality of it, as they would have to turn away from the lifestyle they so cherish, we are not truly committed. We are real quick to profess our love for Jesus, but, when it comes to turning away from those things we know are offensive to God, we choose to ignore. We figure, if we play stupid today, and get away with 'this thing', we will do extra atonement tomorrow. That would be great, if, our Lord was as stupid as we are.
If you focused more on the Cross, or Jesus, you might be rocked back to reality. You cannot fool God. You are not hiding anything. You are only fooling yourself, and pleasing Satan. The atheist has more of a chance to get to Heaven, as he may truly wake up, before it is too late, repent, and accept Christ as his Saviour. The common professed Christian will be blindsided when the end comes and he was walking in iniquity, believing he was saved, as he said a prayer a few years ago.
It is amazing how much angry mail I receive, for trying to pull people out of their fantasy world of believing Jesus went through what no man would, so we could live in iniquity without feeling guilty. It is even more amazing, many preachers(?) are preaching that very message. At least, they will be keeping you company. I can understand the atheist wanting to rid the world of the Cross and what it stands for, but, a Christian? There are many people who say they are Christian, and they will no more see heaven than a ravenous wolf. That is Biblical. Satan believes in Jesus, and knows He is Lord. Do you really believe Satan has a chance in... well, you get the point.
Wearing a cross for decoration around the neck is disgraceful, unless you are ready to respond in a godly manner and display what it stands for, through your actions as a Christian. As far as I am concerned, whether intended, or not, wearing a cross as decoration, unless specifically intended to portray a discipleship, is blasphemy. One should be very careful in making that decision. It brings to mind the horrific feeling which comes over me when I see a piece of the American flag being used as a pocket patch. Or, what of the common hoodlum who wears battle fatigues. The military uniform stands for many men and women that gave their lives for our freedom.
In the same manner, the Cross stands for the One that came down from Heaven, so we could be freed from our sin. We all remember how everyone rallied behind our flag, post 9/11. You would be hard-pressed to find a car which had no flag on the antennae, or sticker of a flag in the window. Now, we barely remember the feelings which drove us to such unity that dominated our lives. We should be even more driven to such unity, as Christians, to rally around OUR Cross. We should show non-believers the same unity and strength as Christians, as we showed the rest of the world our strength as Americans.

Another major terrorist attack is presumed likely, in America. The return of our Lord is definite. Are you ready? A tragedy could befall you tonight. Are you sure where you stand? Are you that sure you are saved, because a confused evangelist says you are. Be sure. This is the most important thing you have to worry about. Make sure you have truly repented of your sin, and give your heart to the Lord. Then, you don't need to worry about the affairs of the world, or the economy, or anything else. Where you stand with the Lord is the only thing you need to consider. If you are on the narrow path that leads through the narrow gate to His kingdom, it matters not what happens to you in this short life.

Why would an atheist take the chance there is no god, out of their ignorance. If their genius proves to be misled, they are damned to an eternity in hell. If, by their standards, we are wrong as Christians, with all the proof needed, what have we lost? The atheists choose to ignore all the solid evidence, written hundreds of years before Christ, telling of His coming. There is no hope for them if they don't receive the truth in time. The more common Christian, however, is worse off, as they are now informed of the truth, and expected to know better. Please, secure your salvation by investigating the truth, which is the Word of God.
Do not take my word, or anybody's word, when it comes to your salvation. Examine yourself immediately, and know for sure, with all your heart and soul, you will be with your Lord, should you not have the time left you fantasize.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

How Do You Know You Are Saved?

Every person whom professes to be Christian and convinced they are saved, should watch this short video. Open your eyes, especially if you are basing your belief in what an evangelist or any other Preacher has convinced you. You are responsible to find out the truth on your own. Ignorance will be no excuse. "But God, that preacher told everybody..." will not be an excuse. You will never get the chance to present your lame excuses in God's court. There will be no appeals. Once you are condemned, it is for eternity. So, is it not worth a little of your time here?

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Tax Time Tythe Sermons

Try to say the name of this article five times real fast. I will start right off saying tithing is biblical and everyone should do it. However, it states nowhere in God's Word your tithe should go to the man in the $3,000(US) suit. In fact, if a man is preaching the Gospel of Jesus, material items and worldly riches are not important. "Not!" To the contrary, riches is exactly what the Gospel means to so many evangelists today. They are what gives such a bad image to being a Christian, and they will pay for it with their eternity.

You bring up the need for salvation to most non-believers, and the typical response will be an attack on the integrity concerning either money, or hypocrisy. While each of these issues are distinct in character, mostly they are tied together and rightly so. Any way you look at it, it is all blasphemy. While it is true that we cannot know what is in all men's hearts, their open and repeated actions are their testimony. To a large percentage of today's evangelists, "GOD" is just a symbol for raking in vast fortunes. To some, anything relating to money is the only gospel you will hear from them.

Mike Murdock is a well known infomercial star. He is seen on dozens of networks at different times of the day and night. He portrays himself as a sort of preacher, or evangelist. He is a trickster, a con artist, but, in no way is he a man of God. He quotes scripture and claims God talks to him all the time and he receives revelations. He is a false prophet, to put it politely. He gives motivational lectures to fake audiences, just like any good infomercial. He has found a lucrative twist to the old Ronco or vacuum sales. He is capitalizing on God's Word and your ignorance. The "seed" Mr. Murdock uses to convince you in an intimidating manner, is not a biblical monetary denomination.

It is especially a sore subject with me, as I am a product of the "seed" being planted in me at an early age. The "seed" stayed dormant for many years, but, if not there(inside me) I certainly would have faced doom. I don't appreciate people like Mike Murdock, Paula White, Nasir Saddiki, and so many more televangelists cheapening the Word of God for their capitol gain. The "seed", of which they speak, is the Word of God. In fact, it is our duty as believers to spread the seed; to plant it in others, so their lives can be saved someday.

Saddiki and Murdock, especially, speak of many passages in Proverbs with their twist to convince you God will make you rich, just as they are. They will have you believing they are anointed, and doing God's work. It is too bad they don't really believe the Word, they would drop to their knees, before it is too late, and repent. The more subtle phonies like Benny Hinn, at least try to look like they are concerned about your spiritual health. They actually teach about things other than money, but, it is so clear money is their god. Hinn is hugely popular in places like India, and throughout the converted Arab communities. Hinn owns several palatial estates all around the globe, and lives like royalty. I watched Mr. Hinn shake his fist at a crowd of what appeared to be 100,000 or so, which is normal for him. He began yelling like a daemon and stated he is going up with the rapture, and if they(the audience) wanted to go, they will give him the money.

Not all evangelists are only out to get your money in the most clever way they can find with scripture. One is too many. If TBN and Daystar, the two biggest evangelistic networks, had integrity they would not air such trash, but, they wouldn't be the biggest networks for long. These infomercial con-artists pay big bucks to be aired. The telethons to raise money for these networks bring out the best(or more appropriately the worst) of these wicked doers. The characters of these people running these billion dollar institutes are too familiar of Jim Baker and Tammy Fay of the eighties. When a wig collection is worth more than the yearly income of the people they are ministering to, something is dreadfully wrong.

A stronger percentage of televangelists just soften the Word, so we are drawn to it, to ease our pain, or rationalize our conscience. They will sell their books or CD/DVD products for a set donation amount which is usually more than a similar product would sell for. Because it is called a donation, they don't even pay their share of taxes. Most televangelists will point out countless scriptures which may or may not have anything to do with tithing. They will get very passionate and imply the worse sin we could commit would be not to tithe. When they reluctantly address the general matter of sin and iniquity, they are somber and almost apologetic. They soothe our conscience with the false teaching that striving to be righteous is 'good works'. They demand we are sinning by feeling guilty about our sin; Jesus did not die on the Cross for us to carry the burden of sin.

Hear me now. Write this down if there is any chance you might forget it. It is the most important thing you could ever imagine. Jesus did not die on the Cross so we could merely not feel guilty about our sin. We are washed clean of our past sin by the blood of Jesus. We are not to feel guilty of our past sin, it is forgotten. When we accept Him as our Saviour, we are repenting of sin. Old things are passed away - our past sin and our sinful ways. Regardless these are troubled times and we are surrounded by temptation, we are still expected by God to stay on a righteous path and hate sin, as He hates sin. We are to walk in love and spread His Word at every opportunity. Just because Satan has managed to corrupt even the most basic beliefs in Christians, we are not excused from following God's Word.

It is hard enough to explain to a non-believer that we are not hypocrites just because we are not Saints. God does not expect us to not ever sin, but, to a believer, we are convicted by the Holy Spirit which dwells in us, and acknowledge the sin right away, and repent. It is through the Divine Grace of God that we are able to resist temptation even in these difficult days. We are not given special consideration because it is 2,000 years after the Word was directly given by Jesus. We are not excused from living with God's Holiness and morals because there are special needs produced by the world today. We are not supposed to be living for the world. We cannot close our eyes to what we consider little sin, or sin we consider to be "not hurting anyone else" because we have done so many other good things.

If one person hears this and understands, I guess it is good. However, I am trying to reach out to as many as I can. I get visitors to my pages from all over the world. My desire is not to turn people away from the Word, any way they can receive. If you cannot keep a bible where you are at, but you obviously have access to a computer, try the Blue Letter Bible. It has most versions and translations. I am appealing to you to discern whether you are hearing the Word with integrity. Do not believe false prophets who are driven by greed and the world.

I ran across a website the other day where a man goes on for over twenty pages talking about tithing is not biblical. He had numerous passages from the Bible taken out of context, explaining how the tithe was only Old Testament. He seemed to be very intellectual and knowledgeable of the Bible. How then, could he totally miss one of the most unforgettable comments from Jesus?
"Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's" (Mat 22:21)

For years, Satan coupled with our own selfishness and greedy freewill, to confuse even the strongest believers. We have become a partnership with the enemy. We have served the devil more than we have ever considered serving our precious Saviour. Christians are fighting for embryonic destruction, cloning, abortion, sexual freedoms, oppressions, legalisation of drugs, corruption in our government, liberal doctrine in our educational system, and the list goes on. All these things are adverse to the Word of God. We must know if something is apposed to His commandments and follow His wisdom in the morals and ethics He expects from us.

I call out to you with all my heart. The time of the Tribulation draws near. It is closer than even the Theologians were expecting. The snowball effect has brought about the perfect conditions quicker than anyone anticipated. I am not saying Jesus will come for us in days, or even weeks. Definitely in the next few years. Perversion has reached the end of its holiday. Biblically, the conditions are right that would allow for the Lord to return tonight. Nobody will know, so don't believe anyone who gives you any indication of a time. He will come like a 'thief in the night', or, when we least expect it. The reason for this is so that we remain ready at all times. Are you ready? Do you think you have plenty of time to worry about that? Please do not gamble. I feel like a stuck record, if you have read any other articles I've written, you know I harp on the same thing. Be prepared for the rapture. You do not want to be left behind.

Many Pastors, that have lost their faith, will not go with the rapture. Many, many Christians whom are thinking they will be lifted up will remain in the world that they loved so much. Please believe me, you do not want to remain in the Tribulation. It will be worse than you could imagine. You think you have problems now. You won't get another chance to escape the Tribulation a second after we are lifted up. You will get one more chance to make it to Heaven by finally professing your Christianity for real, then be beheaded. Most will still be confused and believe all the hype they are hearing now and follow the New Age leader - the Antichrist.

No matter what anybody tells you, if you aren't convicted of your sin, and repent, you better start feeling real guilty. You better feel so guilty you drop to your knees and vow to change your ways. Forget the world. Forget lost stock or what may happen with the economy. Forget your addictions or perversions. Focus on your Saviour. Ask His forgiveness for neglecting Him and ignoring His Word. Get into His Word as if you only have days to cram for the biggest exam of your life, you just may.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another Senseless Church Shooting

Fred Winters

The Pastor of First Baptist Church in Maryville, Illinois was shot and killed during services this morning. Preliminary reports reveal only that the gunman rushed up to the front of the congregation and began shooting, striking the Pastor more than once, and wounding others before being subdued by parishioners. At this time, the suspect is in custody, wounded himself by an apparent knife wound. Early accounts of the incident suggest the unknown man was not part of the church as has been the case so many times in recent past.

The Pastor is apparently the only fatality at this time. He is with his Lord. All our prayers should go out to the wounded and all the families of the victims, including the assailant. The actions of one person has brought on a lot of pain and sorrow for many. Hopefully, everyone involved can focus on the Lord and see that He will use this senseless tragedy for good. I know in the middle of a tragedy that is hard to hold onto, but, we must. Please, pray for those involved to seek His Will, even in the middle of that which makes no sense. God Bless you.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Stage is Being Set

Eze 38:16, You will come up against my people Israel, like a cloud covering the earth. In the latter days I will bring you against my land, so that the nations may know me, when through you, O Gog, I will display my holiness before their eyes.
Hillary Clinton visited with Palestinian leaders today, after yesterday's delivery of the message to Israel: America insists in a divided Jerusalem. When campaigning for President, She and Barack Obama stated they would support the preservation of Israel as "They are our biggest ally". The perfect choice for our representative of foreign affairs, as her resume is the wife of a President which whom leaves a lot to be desired in foreign affairs. The soft, do nothing that will create controversy on your watch attitude was the first bit of wisdom former President Clinton gave to Obama, I am sure. Obama's scramble to appease the terrorists by offering up leniency and the closing of Guantanamo Bay would surely suggest that. He must have been constantly looking at his watch during the inauguration, anxious to get to the White house to implement the Gitmo orders.
If you don't recall, Clinton was advised of our most hated enemy's whereabouts in his last days of office. He was given exact coordinates of Osama bin Laden's location after the bombing of our USS Cole, in Yemen, '98, and two of our embassies prior to that. All they needed was the Executive order. He would not give it, citing he would leave it for the next President to deal with. The next President, George Bush, was forced to do exactly that. On the morning of September 11, 2001, President Bush had to deal with the senseless deaths of over 3,000 people in New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania due to the evil works of bin Laden, and the gross neglect of Clinton.
During this latest campaign, the Clintons both had the audacity to attack Bush for his foreign policies. Today, the Russians turned down Obama's plea to side with America against Iran, and in return we would scrap the missile defence program. The Ayatollah of Iran made a public announcement which disputed the belief of many, that the desire to see the destruction of Israel lies only with Iran's President Auhmanuhtjaub.
And, while all this is going on, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is in our Congress, giving his speech mapping out his plans for a Global Economy, for which he received a standing ovation. Obama is in complete agreement with this. He would have to be, for an historical change, or a catastrophe would be the only two things in which to cover up the debauchery created in just his first six weeks of office. Our image of being the strongest Country in the world is diminishing. The need to become a One Global Government will be more attractive than anyone would have ever anticipated.
If you aren't savvy on the prophecies of the Bible, as you are a new Christian, or the type of Christian whom never saw the need to read the Bible, let me explain all this. In just one day, all these events are in the Bible. Pick up a Bible and read Ezekiel, Isaiah, Daniel, and Revelations, just to get started. These are not fairy tales and were not written in a group to fool the people. These are God's inerrant Word, written by different people, hundreds of years apart, telling the same prophecy from God. You can also use the Blue Letter Bible for reference.
God has led me in the most Divine way, to reach out to those whom profess Christianity and think they are saved. I know, I have heard all the cliches and biblical philosophies by the hundreds. So many think that because they said a prayer once, and they may attend church regularly, they cannot lose their salvation. But, I say to you, if you said a prayer once, and went right back to your worldly lives filled with iniquity and filth, you were never saved to begin with. If you said the prayer of salvation, and repented of your iniquity, and did your best to seek and do God's Will, then, you are saved.
Now, many are putting a twist on the 'good works' emphasis. They will think of anything to keep from being saved. That is exactly what Satan wants... hence the lies he is so famous for. The evangelists will have you believe that not sinning is good works. We are not saved by good works, so in effect, now they are saying God doesn't like good works, so He doesn't like it if we don't sin. Oh, Brother!
I can't deal with all this madness of twisting everything around to justify sin for selfish purposes. Sin is sin, and God hates sin. I cannot be your judge, I can only deliver the message. If you are sinning, and you know it, you are not saved. You must repent, right now, before it is too late. That means you must turn away from your sin, and don't find another sin to take its place.
Whether you think you have years to worry about cleaning up your act, or just think you can play stupid, you are going to pay for your sin. Whether, or not, you go to Heaven is not for me to advise, but, I can and will advise, you will not make the rapture. If you are in the middle of your sinful ways when the Lord Jesus returns for his faithful to spare them the Tribulation, you will be left behind.
All these current events are in line with Biblical Prophecy. The stage has been set. Pretty much all that is lacking is the introduction of the Antichrist, which will take place shortly after we are lifted up to meet Jesus. He will be on Oprah, and she will be aroused. I am not a kook or a religious fanatic. I reach out to you with love and desire to see as many people be spared as possible. It is out of obedience as I have been called to do so. Many are being fooled into a false sense of security when it comes to their salvation. We have not anticipated these end times would approach as quickly as they have.
The Lord could return at anytime. Are you ready? Are you living for the world? Where are your family members, spiritually? Are you getting by the best you can without sin, but, denying your loved ones or friends the Word? God will ask you why. You should be asking yourself why not. Do you not want your loved ones to be with the Lord?
The Tribulation will be the most horrible of times. Not just the living situation, but, if you are left behind, you will have to decide whether you confess Christ as your Saviour and be beheaded, or take the mark of the beast and live eternity in hell. Hell is a real place, just like the Tribulation is a real time. You will not be spared the Tribulation if you are not faithful to God's Word. To be faithful to God's Word is not 'good works', it is obeying His Commandments, which is required, regardless what some mindless evangelist or preacher has been telling you.
Please, do not take my word for any of this. Please, find a Bible, preferably a King James Version, but, any if need be. If you are a professed Christian, then you should believe in the Bible just as you believe in Jesus. Non-believers, led by Satan would have you think it is just parables and speculations. It is the inerrant word, written allegorically, so as to present evidence, through Prophecy and time, that which is true. You must believe and you must repent. Walk in His will the rest of your days and share the word with your family so none of you are left behind.
Revelations 3:3, Remember then what you received and heard; obey it, and repent. If you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what hour I will come to you.
If you question where you stand with the Lord if something were to happen tonight, please read the next article and you will have to worry no longer. God Bless you all.
This was God's Earth, and we turned it over to Satan.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Four Step Program

For a few months I have been spreading the same message through my articles on various pages, discussion groups on other's Christian pages, and wherever possible. I have been doing this through obedience to the Lord and with the help of His Divine guidance. It certainly has not set well with other Christians, and especially with evangelists and top televangelists.

I have received countless negative feedback and requests to stay out of discussions as my message totally conflicts with their 'warm and fuzzy' sermons and attractive websites. Out of over thirty requests to exchange links with other's pages, I received two. Praise the Lord for that and God Bless them. As most know I have a full list of various links with different Christian points of view. I may not subscribe to everything they are preaching, teaching, or advising, but, as I responded in their rejection letters (the ones gracious enough to send a letter), It is about spreading the Word and leading people in the right direction. If my page is not appealing enough to someone seeking answers, then at least they may be led by other's.

Abortion, and support for it, is just as prevalent among Christians as anyone else. Divorce rate is 50%; 29% of those are Christians. Sexual amorality has no distinction among Christians, yet so many think all who profess Christianity will go to Heaven; millions will be taken in the rapture.

As many of whom follow my articles have known, the constant theme is, many who think they are going to heaven, simply are not. This is not popular among many, as you can imagine. There are the ones who think they don't have to believe in anything, as long as they are 'good'. This group covers many, from atheists to people sitting in church to appease someone else. There are the ones who think they don't have to believe Jesus is the only way, but, claim they are Christian. Oprah is the high priestess of that new religion. Then, there are the ones to which I have been called to reach out to; the ones that said the prayer of salvation at some point, and claim they are Christian only for that reason. They rely on what they think is a Bible believing Pastor to feed them all the words they need. The problem is, many of those Pastors will not see Heaven. They think because Jesus died horribly for our sins, they won't pay for a sin free-for-all.

Just because a man is standing in front of a crowd and he has a license to minister does not mean he is a true man of God. If he is a televangelist the odds are even greater he is not a man of God. This is not to say that everyone who is on the two most popular Christian networks is not to be trusted, but, you must discern. It is our individual responsibility to know God's Word, and know when it is abused. There are so many of whom say God speaks to them all the time and they are passing His message to you. That makes them a prophet. A prophet in a $3,000(US) suit, selling blessings to meet your budget. I have always felt such sorrow for those who could not afford a blessing and missed out. Actually, if they just picked up a Bible and found out what it really means to be a Christian, they would receive more blessing than they would know with what to do. The only one receiving anything is the televangelist... all your money. They will convince you it is God's Will that they live better than most, in order to spread God's Word.

Most of today's evangelists are teaching the same misguided doctrine. They have plucked out of context those scriptures which, viewed partially, backs up their worldly message of don't worry about sin; or 'if it feels good - do it', you will be forgiven. For the most part, they take passages from letters from Paul TO OTHER CHRISTIANS. Paul was not writing spam to heathens in hopes they would ignorantly follow and be duped into believing. He was writing to Christians to encourage them and let them know how important it was to not forget the mission of spreading God's Word. They are already presumed to be without sin on a regular basis.

Everybody is aware of John 3:16, but, this passage became not as popular with the evangelists as did Paul's letter to the Romans 10:9, That if you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved. There are many other instances similar to this, but, this being the most used. Whether it is implied, or mistakenly received, so many, no, too many believe this is saying all you have to do is believe, and you will be back in Kansas, like Dorothy.

If we were to read on from Romans 10:9, we would clearly see this passage is to provoke in us the witness to others, which was the gift given to us as believers. It does not mean all we need to do is believe Jesus died for our sin and go on sinning. As believers, we also are professing we believe His Word, in its integrity. To suggest to a believer that God's law was just Old Testament "legalism" and it doesn't have to be regarded in these modern times, is ridiculous. The legalism of which they refer, pertained to how they wore their beards, or proper attire, or how to worship in regards to what was available at the time. Not the commandments. When Paul wrote his many letters to believers, it was much easier to be without sin in those days, when they had none of the temptations we have today. This does not mean it is alright to give into the temptations of today, because there are so many... too many for us to deal with.

The temptations must be dealt with, regardless the rest of the world has gone in the wrong direction and succumbed to Satan's lies. We as believers are supposed to be aware of the commandments and make every attempt to follow His word, rather than cherish iniquity, and presume God will not judge us as we have chosen to follow the world, instead. God doesn't even figure into our path of selfish choices, and we have been given the false message He doesn't want us to be unhappy in whatever situation we've been given, so, it is OK to sin to get out of it; and He will forgive us afterward. This is wickedness, which we rationalize, to serve our own 'worldly' desires.

Many call themselves Christians as they belong to a church and believe there is 'some kind of God'. They do not know what kind, because just like atheists, they block out the evidence which is contrary with their views, so as to support their lifestyle. They have never said the prayer of salvation, and like atheists, are stubborn to do so, as they know it would mean making changes and giving up their iniquity. These people, including atheists, are in a much better situation to go to Heaven than most professed believers, which whom, have said the prayer of salvation. This is simply because the atheists always have the opportunity to repent and accept Christ as their Saviour. The disillusioned 'believer' will be caught off guard one day, as they are blind to the fact they are not saved. Even Oprah has a chance to realize how completely stupid she is, regardless how rich she is, and drop to her knees and repent. When they do realize their calamity and say the salvation prayer, hopefully they will realize it is a package, a multi-step process, and not just in and of itself, saying it, means they are saved.

The prayer of salvation can be stated in many ways, as long as all the requirements are covered. The most basic, and effective wordage would be as follows:

Lord God, I am a sinner. I repent of my sins, and ask your forgiveness. I believe you died on the cross for my sins because you love me. I now ask you to come into my heart and be Lord of my life.

By saying this prayer to Jesus and meaning it with all your heart, you are committing to four basic and very prominent steps to ensuring your salvation.

Step 1. You are confessing you are a sinner. This is where you should take a few moments to acknowledge your most prevalent iniquity to the Lord. Whoever walks another through this prayer should allow for this moment of meditation between the recipient and His Saviour.

Step 2. You vow to the Lord you will repent, or turn away from, your sin, and ask His forgiveness. All your sin, not just the big ones, but, you'll hang onto the ones you conceive to be not so bad, as this will surely make Him happy; you gave up the big ones, right? God hates all sin. ALL sin; big or little. If you are making a commitment, you go all the way. We do not bargain with God on which sins would be OK to keep. We are promising to not intentionally sin. This why the first thing we should do is find a Bible and learn His commandments; and always know it is His law, now and forever. You are now, also, stating to yourself you are dead to sin.

Step 3. You are letting the Lord know you believe with all your heart that he came to earth as one of us, but, innocent, and in a humble way, and suffered what NO man would ever, just to give you this opportunity to believe in Him and what He stands for, and therefore enabling you to share the Kingdom of Heaven. If we don't believe this, we don't stand a chance, but, that is not saying that is all we have to believe. Otherwise, the prayer of salvation would be quite short. "I believe you died and was raised again". No commitment on our part, other than to believe that? Interesting.

Step 4. You are giving up your will for your life and telling God you now want only His will for you. You are seceding to the fact your way doesn't work, no matter how much you think it does, and seeking His way. If you seek after His Word and truly repent, He will allow the Holy Spirit to guide you through everyday life in a way that will keep you righteous. He will show you how to resist temptation and live in the mainstream and yet be faithful to Him. If we do not follow the Will of the Father, He will say "Depart from me, I never knew you".

After completing this process, you will immediately experience a profound change in yourself and your life, if you were sincere. But, the point here is, the commitment here, on our part, is a package deal. It is never expressed in God's Word, anywhere, that all we have to do is say that little prayer, and profess we believe it. God knows we are sinners by nature, and He is faithful to forgive us, as we acknowledge our slip up, and repent. We cannot hide any sin, and He will not ignore any sin, regardless how we rationalize it. Our Lord is more Holy than we can conceive. We are so fortunate that He is. We cannot take advantage of His goodness, however, or He will let us know of His wrath, real quick. If He was not a just God, we would not have a prayer.

Gal 2:20, It is no longer I who live, but, Christ who lives in me, and this life I must live in the flesh, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave His life for me.

Larry Huch, a well known televangelist, is waving his Bible at his audience and entertaining them with the idea they may sin; as God did not expect "Americans in 2009" to be bound by His Word as it was two thousand years ago. I am not making that up. That is exactly what Mr. Huch said. Hopefully very few believe him when he speaks garbage like that, because, just like Oprah, if she doesn't change her ways, he will go to hell.

I have had many letters from 'believers' stating we cannot lose our salvation. Really?!! You go right on believing that, if you insist. But first, you should read Matthew, chapter 7, over and over apparently, until you get it. Wouldn't a little reading with an open mind be worth not going to hell? There are so many passages pertaining to sin and iniquity, and what it means to God. I don't find anywhere it means you can keep right on doing it and still go to Heaven, because a false prophet said you will. God expects us to go through great suffering, if need be, to stand for our beliefs, and we will be blessed after this life on earth as we know it. Nowhere in the Bible does it say we are promised riches or complete happiness. If we have anything that would be of help to another, we are to give it up. Why do we believe that a man, or woman, wearing expensive clothes and jewelry, living in mansions obtained from spreading the Gospel, are holy people? Because they say so? We rationalize they deserve riches as they are doing such 'good works'. God doesn't expect everyone to be poor, but, neither does He expect everyone to enter the kingdom of Heaven.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Taking The High Road

We are all aware of the fact big business rules. The largest corporations with the deepest pockets pretty much dictate how we are going to live our lives. They put the most heat on our politicians to vote against the majority of their own constituents in favor of the issue which raises the most money. The true, talented politician, is the one which whom convinces his constituents he has their best interest at heart, and stays in office, or climbs to a higher office.

The large automobile manufacturers have always either paid off smaller, independent car makers with a better product, or just forced them out of business. Money rules, and most of us don't care, as long as we, the end user, get fooled with the pricier gas guzzler over the more efficient technology out there. Well, all is fair in love and big business, I guess.

There is another issue on the horizon, which denotes a little more consideration from us, the public. For several years we have witnessed celebrities in front of senate hearings, and politicians, spending incalculable time and money fighting for embryonic stem cell research. It has been one of the most embattled moral issues of our generation. To most, it is just a means to solve many medical issues, regardless of the cost, or at least that is what they have been sold. As far as the moral side, life has always been cheap when it comes to big money. Even when it was entirely banned and up for debate, the research had been going on for years.

We have heard the horror stories of fetuses being produced and paid for, rather than using naturally aborted discards. As the issue of when life actually begins cannot even be decided by people claiming to be Christians, where can the boundaries be drawn. I feel the pain of those whom have suffered a debilitating illness or injury, such as Christopher Reeves. However, where to we draw the line.

Just recently, I came across a young lady, Janna Legg, who is a rep for Stem Tech Health Sciences. Janna handles a product which promotes adult stem cells, called Stem Enhance. It is a supplement which promotes the stem cells in our own body. Since I don't read a lot of science magazines, I was unaware that adult stem cell research has been going on for a few years now. I have seen no celebrities going to Congress to promote government spending on this moral alternative.

In a recent interview, Dr. Francisco Contreras, President, Oasis of Hope Hospital, stated adult stem cell research has the potential to do more than anticipated with embryonic research. Oasis of Hope is an alternative, advanced cancer, treatment center with noted success. So why wouldn't we want to take the high road and eliminate the amoral technology? Money!!?

Embryonic stem cell research has been escalating even as it was illegal. How many products are we ingesting daily, which have been declared dangerous? Twenty five years ago margarine put many butter manufacturers out of business, as we were told it was the healthier alternative. Sugar substitutes are known to cause problems in rats, yet, we continue to feed it to our rats. Organizations and special interest groups are forcing their will on us every time we turn around. We are told what we may eat and how much, by a relative few, who have determined what is good for us by their standards. Complete data on every issue is withheld from us and the determination of what we are allowed to drink, eat, (or smoke) is forced on us.

Because a relative few have been stricken with skin cancer as our atmosphere has been ruined by the big money corporations, we were all told to cover up and avoid the sun; by the manufacturers of sun blockers. Recently, a study showed a rise in medical problems, due to lack of sunlight. Everyday, products are being taken off store shelves and people are dying due to lack of quality control which used to be the built in standard for food processing companies. We didn't need bigger government to enforce health concerns regarding food processing a few decades ago. It was the moral duty of a processor to ensure the safety of the public. Who would consider a government agency would be needed to regulate the safety of a toy for our children, as the toy company was more concerned about a little larger profit over the lives of humans?

At what point do we start taking responsibility for ourselves and demand we don't need to be taken care of by the few, which whom stand to profit by the decisions they make for us? When it comes to a medical breakthrough which eludes our moral reason, or an alternative which could keep our moral integrity intact, why should it be decided by a few? The special interest groups always seem to slip in the back door. Whether through money, or trickery, the determinations which poorly represent our society, emerge victorious more times than not. If our tax dollars are going to something which is so questionable among so many souls, why would it not be reasonable for all data to be produced, and the American people are given the opportunity to decide?

The MOST troubling thing in this whole issue of producing life in order to discard it for the needs of others... a lot of the people fighting for no limitations on embryonic research call themselves Christians. When leaders of the country can't even get it right - what it means to be a Christian, it certainly seems like a Sisyphean task attempting to wake people up. When Nancy Pelosi, leader of the Senate, states in front of the whole world that even the Catholic Church (to which she claims devotion), "doesn't know when life begins", many ignorant people will follow that lie, in many different aspects.

When the President ( Obama ) claims to be a Christian, but, stands proudly for the murdering of babies, even as they are born, and people are fainting over him, how can the amoral issue of embryonic stem cell research 'take a number'? When such visible and 'loved' characters such as Oprah Winfrey spew their misguided religious beliefs to millions while claiming to be a Christian, it is hard to convince her admirers otherwise.

Satan has managed to convince millions that it is alright to believe whatever we want to believe. If what you believe is right for you, and what I believe is right for me, as long as we agree to disagree, life is wonderful. Really?!?!

If you are calling yourself a Christian, and you aspire to be one, the first thing you need to do is learn what a Christian is...and what it is not. If you are just claiming to be a Christian, so as to advance your career, or to avoid evangelism from others, are going to hell, and nothing can save you. Not all the good works in the world can save you. Even if you call yourself a Christian, but, deny your Christ and His inerrant Word, I just hope you change your heart before it is too late. Seek knowledge to back up your empty beliefs, instead of trusting your salvation to another moron.