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Christianity For Dummies: The Article (Prelude To Passover)

This article is not related to the book, "Christianity for Dummies", by Richard J Wagner, which I highly recommend for those who aspire to be 'Christians' as a novelty, but, refuse to pick up "The manual" on how to be one, or what it means ( The Holy Bible). That would be step 1!

This article can be considered a brief "101" class, if you will; mainly targeting that group of people who publicly claim they are 'Christian', but, obviously have no idea what that is. I am not addressing the whole nature of being a Christian, rather, I am only dealing with the actual definition, in layman terms. For the complete manual for life and how to be a Christian, we must begin with The Bible, the true Word of God. So, let's start with the basic definition.

Christian: One who professes to believe in the Christ, Jesus, The Savior, the True Son of God.

There is no other meaning, metaphor, or sub directive. It is a noun, not a verb or an adjective. It cannot be changed, or broken down to mean anything else. It is a label proudly placed upon those who believe Jesus Christ died for our sins. Unfortunately, however, the worldly definition, or what you would find in any dictionary, labels Christianity, or Christian, as a religion. This took place several decades ago, as it became (Politically Incorrect) to say that Christianity is the only way, and it was classified as the belief of a certain group. This is a re-direct based on Satan's lies which sets up the whole theory for doubt in the true Word of God, which lays out the whole meaning of being a Christian. Religions are those groups formed by people who found a derivative from the true integrity of the Bible, as it was written, to suit there needs and beliefs. Sound Crazy? Yes, it is.

For those who are still confused by all this, let's look at the word Christian. It is a two syllable word. If we divide it into syllables, we get Christ - ian. The first part is 'Christ'. This word in and of itself cannot be mistaken for anything else: Christ, the Lord, the Savior, the Son of God, Lamb of God, who took away the sins of the world, and gave us eternal salvation, rather than paying for our sins with death and eternal damnation. The second syllable of the word, 'ian', is a suffix: pertaining to something. So when a person professes to be a Christian, it means they are pertaining to, or belong to, the Christ, the Messiah, the only way to the Father. Generally speaking, this means one who calls themselves a Christian, basically believes in the Lamb of God's brutal torture and death for our sins; and does not deny Him on national television.

This is what the whole Bible is about, if you take it for its integrity, and not how it is interpreted by religions. Most religions believe in the Old Testament, pretty much word for word. Certain people bought into Satan's lies, designed to steal our salvation from us, and the result is The New Testament is seen as a completely separate book "of myths" and not held to be true.

Both the Old and New Testaments are One. Perhaps if the context were structured as though the New Testament was just the next chapter, it would be easier for simple minds to grasp it. No matter how much the Old Testament directs us to the Son, whether in prophecy or acts of God, there are those who will deny to the bitter end. What people need to realize, no matter how Oprah Winfrey rationalizes it in her new religion, all the good deeds in the world will not get you to Heaven.

God mapped out a plan for us, because he loves us. He sent His Son as a sacrifice, so we could have a choice whether, or not, to accept the gift of salvation. It is not forced on us. He gave us free will to choose our paths. The only stipulation is that we have faith, not in this world, but, in Him. We are all sinners, Oprah, even you. No matter how many good things we do, we are sinners. The wages for sin is death, and Hell. Jesus came along and sacrificed Himself for our sins, so we can have eternal life and reign with Him. When we deny Him, we are spitting on Him and what He did for us, just as the Romans spat upon Him as He carried His own cross to where He would be nailed to it. He did nothing wrong, and was not a sinner, but, He gave His life so you could be given the opportunity of eternal life, and you spit on Him. We cannot begin to conceive of His passion, in the midst of our selfishness.

Anyone who is reading this and feels a conviction in their heart, and gets it, and wants to ensure your salvation, it is simple. The most beautiful thing of all of it is, He made it so simple. It is just a decision, in your heart, to repent, or turn away from intentional sin, and accept Him as your Savior. If you are serious, and it is from your heart, all you need to do is talk to Him, and say this prayer: "Lord Jesus, I know I am a sinner. I believe with all my heart, you died for my sins. I repent and ask your forgiveness of my sins, and I ask you to become Lord of my life".

That's it! It seems so hard for some to take that step, but, it is all in the heart. If your heart is ready, it is the easiest thing, and the most important thing, you could ever do. Now you find a Bible and learn what so many take for granted and pervert, is the greatest gift on earth. And for Heaven's sake forgive others as He forgives you. If you are a new believer, follow this 10 step Guide For New Christians.

Galatians, 2:20 : "For it is no longer I who Live, but, Christ who lives in me; and this life I live in the flesh, I live through the faith in Jesus Christ, who died for me, and gave me His everlasting love."

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