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Arab Festival 2009: Sharia in the US

This what we can expect, but, on a much higher scale, if we continue to be apathetic or "Politically Correct".

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This is what we can expect, but, on a much higher level, if we continue to be apathetic and turn a blind eye. "Politically Correct" is a label the left created so we would abandon our principles and accept the will of a few. The few are growing and attempting to abolish our Constitution with the help of our presumed President. As you can see in the video, the people that were just trying to ask a question regarding the absurd claim that Islam is against terrorism, were accused of preaching and made out to be trouble makers.

Even Christians, with the help of certain Pastors, like Rick Warren, are ignorantly believing Islam is just another religion we should respect. Warren is the Pastor of Saddleback Church in Lakewood ,California, and author of Purpose Driven Life. Over the past weekend, Rick Warren was the keynote speaker at the 2009 Muslim Conference. Mr Warren calls for unity in the "global" issues, and calls for all Christians to "Team up" with Muslims in solving the world's problems.

To a Muslim, we Americans and Christians are the only problem. Christians and Americans had better wake up to how much of a problem that is for us. Muslims do not play by the same rules. They do not believe in loving everyone, as Christians are taught. The Koran teaches they are to love and make peace with Muslims only. All others not converted must die. A Muslim that converts must die.

They will use God's Word against Christians stating we are to love one another. God says go to all nations and offer them the Gospel. If they reject you, brush off the dust and move on. God did not say we are to accept their way of life into ours, but, to stay with like minded people.

Most Christians think jihad is a radical group. Rather, jihad is the Muslim equivalent to a Christian Soldier, or evangelist. The big difference is jihad's mission is to convert all infidels (or non-Islam) and if they refuse, the Koran states they must be eliminated (or die).

I have found, since I started to enlighten people of the true nature of Islam, that most Christians believe Islam worships the same god as we, but, they just do not believe Jesus was the Son of God(Koran teaches Jesus was a prophet). This is the "Politically Correct" deception. The Islamic god is NOT the God of Israel.

Our God is the Son, and the Father, and the Holy Spirit...The Holy Trinity. Our God is alive and well. The god of Islam is dead.

The God of Israel's Holy Word teaches us to hate the sin and love the sinner. The Koran teaches it is alright to deceive and take advantage of anyone other than a Muslim. All infidels must be destroyed before their messiah (the grand mufti) can return. This is why many Muslims believe they can hurry the process along so it will happen in their lifetime, by creating a third world war.

Also, I have found that many Christians believe since it is all written that New World Order, and the end times, is coming anyway, why bother trying to stop it? They believe that we should only pray about it, and hope for the best. When I expressed my desire to go to Washington, D.C., in support of Israel, Several Christians became ANGRY at me and quoted unrelated scripture, saying anyone who is a friend of the world is an enemy of God. They never talked to me again.

This is how so many Christians are deceived. The enemy, working through evil agendas, has cleverly managed to create the illusion to believers that we are supposed to do nothing and hope for the best through prayer. There is nothing more further from the truth. Read Mark 13:32-37; we are to stay diligent and continue to work while the Master is away, and not be asleep when He returns.

This is a video every American should watch. These are not radical Muslims. This is a professor in Kuwait, speaking to large room of common everyday Koran believing Muslims who cheer for the 9/11 terrorists, calling them heroes, and the most holiest men in the world.

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  1. At my friend's church the pastor was actually teaching about the basics of islam during the Sunday service! It was not so they could preach to the muslims, but it was so they could be "friends" with them.