Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Eternal Life Does Not Depend On Works"

8/4/2009, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania~ George Sodini, a 48 year old white male, walks into an LA Fitness Center and opens fire. Witnesses stated the man did not say a word before he began shooting what would end up being 52 shots, in all. The deadly rampage ended when the assailant took his own life. The result was 4 dead, 9 injured.

It has been reported one of the injured was an ex-girlfriend, although, on a blog Sodini kept in the form of an online diary, he states he had not had a girlfriend since the 1980's. Sodini also kept a fairly detailed description of his intentions online. He stated he attempted to pull off this assault twice before, in January and May, but, "Chickened out."

A large portion of the American population believes our penal system is too harsh on criminals, and oppose the death penalty. For a few decades now, there has been a push from the "Time out" believers to have empathy for perpetrators. Many books have been sold and people convinced that any type of corporal punishment is wrong. They advise we should take into account what kind of past or childhood the aggressor had. None of this is biblical. I am compelled to think of what kind of future their victims have, if any.

In this case, Sodini had gone on written rants for the better part of a year, with one fatal error in his thinking. In one of his final entries, he makes it clear he believes he is going to Heaven after he carries out his deadly plans. On August 3, he wrote:
"Maybe soon I will see God and Jesus, at least that's what I've been told. Eternal life does not depend on works, or we'd all be in hell."

The whole reason I do what I do, whether successful or not, is the ridiculous number of people misled by bad evangelism, or watered down Gospel. I believe Mr Sodini is responsible for his own actions, regardless what kind of childhood or bad preaching he received. By the same token, however, Every Pastor or evangelist out there soothing the conscience of their subjects are just as responsible.

I do not yet know which, if any, preacher or evangelist Mr Sodini ever listened to. He may have received a feeble attempt by an acquaintance to deliver the Gospel. He may have read a message from an evangelistic website, or attended just one sermon as he accompanied someone to a service once. It does not matter... EVERY PREACHER AND EVANGELIST delivering watered down or warm and fuzzy sermons is responsible to a GREAT degree, for what Sodini carried out. They spread the deception of the enemy, we don't have to be righteous.

Most people want to believe all human beings are basically good. Really?!! By whose standards? Who sets those standards? By our creator's standards, we are filthy, and that is all should matter. The Gospel Jesus gave his life to deliver was not intended to make us feel all warm and fuzzy. The Gospel was not intended to relieve us of our conscience getting in our way of success and prosperity. "The Seed" in the Bible is not a monetary denomination Jesus set up for false prophets to line their pockets.

Good works, ALONE, as it is explained all throughout the Gospel, will not get you to Heaven. The old "fire and brimstone" preachers were not afraid to tell there flock like it was. You sin, you go to hell, regardless what you believe. That was then. Now, we have evangelists by the thousands preaching we are forgiven for everything past, present, and FUTURE.

The evangelists will tell you it doesn't matter what kind of sin you commit, Jesus died on that cross so you can give it all to Him and not feel guilty. As of late, the common belief is that if you try to not sin and be righteous, that is sin, in and of itself, as you are attempting "Good works." I know there are many who will read this and accuse me of having it wrong. No, you are wrong. There are many people out there who actually follow this kind of doctrine. They call themselves Christians, and tragically they will go to hell. God hates sin! There is much more to being saved than saying a short prayer.

Don't fret, the evangelists which think they are holy men or women of God preaching these sermons will be with you in Hades to discuss with you where it all went wrong. The 'preachers' claiming God speaks to them and said if you give them $1000.00 you will see numerous blessings open up in your life, will soon be accountable.

Mat 7:21, "Not all who say to me 'Lord, Lord', shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but, those who do the will of my Father who is in Heaven."

The outcome of these warm and fuzzy, self motivational sermons is this: Statistics show divorce rate is no different among those whom profess Christianity than it is in the secular community. Abortion and adultery, also just as prevalent among 'Christians' as with non-believers. Through the psyche illuminated from these misguided 'Gospel messages' we have confusion and surmounting conflict in the church. The confusion is strictly the fault of the Pastor that walks the fence, and doesn't wish to offend anyone.

To recruit a 'new believer' many evangelists make the sinner believe it is so easy to accept a life of Christ, they wonder why they put it off for so long. The evangelist feels good as he can chalk up another (soul saved?). The new 'believer' feels good as they can now go on with their iniquity and not feel guilty in knowing they were 'putting it off'. Nothing has changed in the 'new believer's' life, except they now walk in the 'world' believing they are saved, and call themselves Christian.

Gal 2:20, "It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me, and this life I must live in the flesh, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me."

At this time, I don't know what Sodini's range of belief was, or whether he had ever actually accepted Christ as his Saviour. It doesn't matter one iota. We do know he believed that Jesus exists in Heaven, as he was expecting to see him. There is no difference whatsoever in Sodini's rationale, wherever it came from, and most 'believers' in the world.

I know of many people who live in adultery, hate, greed, sexual perversions, and even support killing babies, but, everyday say, "Praise the Lord," and "I am so Blessed, God is good." I have people (Christians?) constantly attack and insult me vulgarly, as I dare to disrupt their way of thinking. I assure you I do not do what I do out of bitterness, or hate, as I've been so often accused.

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