Monday, August 10, 2009

What Would A Modern Preacher Have Done?

Today, especially in America, we have murderers and people plotting to kill that call themselves Christians. There are hundreds of thousands living in adultery saying, "God is good." All forms of sexual perversions and pornography are just as prevalent among those who proclaim Christianity, as those who are non-believers.

Just as a government "gone wild" we must look at the main source of this debauchery of delusional "Christians" - Church leadership. Pastors, preachers, and evangelists preaching that which does not resemble the Gospel. Not the Gospel Jesus taught. So many argue the vague 'warm and fuzzy' message they have received for so long, as though it were true.

Demons believe in Jesus. Atheists can quote scripture. Most people that label themselves "Christian" have less chance of entering the Kingdom than the atheist. Why? Because the atheist knows they are not saved, and always have the opportunity before it is too late. The deceived "Christian" is arrogant and in most cases silent, thank God, and are in danger. The ones that have been delivered the wrong message and are proud to spread it, are dangerous.

Unfortunately, most will not pick up a Bible on their own and study the Word, but, take the word of another man. Some modern day evangelists have just been deceived and see the Word through the perspective by which they've been taught. Sadly, many teach the wrong message intentionally, as a "Positive thought" type money maker. In either case, they are professing to hear from God, in order to manipulate. They are not only false prophets, but, this is blasphemy in the worse form (denying the Holy Spirit) and is unforgivable.

Do not take ANYONE'S word for what is the Word of God. Get into the Word for yourself. Know for yourself what Jesus wanted you to know. It is required of us as Christians to spend time in the Word. Did you know God speaks to us through His Word? I'm not just referring to the 'teachings', as it were. The Lord actually will communicate with you, by leading you to the message he has for you, through the Holy Spirit.

Many things may not be clear to you, or you do not understand. If you have faith, and you should, stay persistent and it will 'pay off'. God is faithful, and will reward you for seeking a relationship with Him. As you seek Him, and draw Him into your life, He will reveal His Will for you. As long as you persevere, even when it gets tough, you will see His Glory.

FAITH without works is meaningless. You will not hear that from most preachers. Rather, the popular word of today is to just have faith. Nowhere, and I mean nowhere in the Bible does it state we are to just have faith and God will take care of everything. In the true sense of that statement, it is entirely misleading. Couple that with the desire of the receiver to bend it for their gratification, and someone's soul is in trouble. On a daily basis I have arrogant "Christians" accosting me with their misinterpretations. No matter how I explain it, they are convinced we are not to get involved in current events, "Just pray about it."

It is such a good thing David picked up that sling and hurled it at Goliath, rather than praying and waiting for God to hurl it. I would not be able to write this message if it were not for our founding fathers acting and not just staying in their 'prayer rooms' waiting for a Republic to be formed on its own. The point is, we have been deceived into our comfortable little lives for so long, the deception becomes reality for us, to the point of argument without reason. Our apathy and rejection of the truth has become the norm for so long it has become our religion. Christians in other nations, where it is already illegal, die everyday as they will not deny their Saviour.

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