Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Denial (Ya Say Ya Wanna Resolution)

Denial is a strange beast. We all have exercised it to some degree. Many live by it. It consumes them and dictates their life. In that case, they seldom find happiness and when they do it is short lived. Denial is an illusion, oftentimes serving as a drug, in order to rationalize an escape from a particular reality in our life.

In any event, denial is a destructive presence hindering our dealing with the truth. We are often so convinced of the legitimacy of our denial, we accept it as truth. We dissuade ourselves from taking the proper course which would derive a healthy outcome of an issue or an event.

Usually, if we think we need not deal with something ( perhaps an occurrence from the past), that is exactly what we need to deal with. We are unable to see it, for our denial. Perspective is everything. With the proper (or true) perspective there is almost no limit to what we humans can accomplish.

By that same token, a bad or incorrect perspective can cripple us to no end. A wrong perspective produced from deceiving ourselves can and will ruin our lives from what God intended for us.

I had just written an article regarding sin, and Mat 7:21. Almost immediately after posting it I received a comment from a woman demanding, “Enough already with the doom and gloom, we get the point.” At first, I thought why would she think I wrote the article for her, or, how did I get in her way? Then, I realized - she is probably one of the people I wrote it for.

I have always been troubled by those of whom are seemingly strong Christians, but troubled by the Word of God, in any aspect. If I see the same scripture over and over, it seems to me I needed to see it. In a different perspective a scripture we have heard many times may take on a whole new meaning.

God is very gentle with us. When we are faithful He will direct us and give us information He feels we need, or can handle. Our perception of what we need is seldom in line with what He sees that we truly need to enhance our lives. Proverbs 3: 5-6, Trust in Him with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.

In troubled times I have struggled to stick to that principle, and I promise you it pays off, so to speak.

I have always used my own type of prose in my writing. I discovered early on that while they are very expressive and knowledgeable, Theologians and Scholars tend to ramble on with words by which the common lay person or even some English teachers are unable to understand. Since most people will not refer to a dictionary to get through each sentence, many an important issue goes unnoticed.

I am intent on reaching those individuals who may be looking for answers or a hint from someone that may have experienced what they are going through. I only do this as I was led kicking and screaming by the Lord. I figure if anybody doesn’t like what I have to say, no one is holding a gun to their head; kind of like changing channels if ya don’t like the program.

I have found that all too often, those individuals which attack with the most venom are the ones who need the message the most. Take the lady the other day, who told me it seems I had a very good point to make, that it was a shame my grammar was so bad. She went on to state she tried, but, was just unable to read what I had to say. By the way, she spoke fluent English if you were wondering.

There is no rhyme or reason for many things we do. Often we seem silly, or petty, and recognize it, but, always rationalizing it to the point of eliminating any conviction of ourselves. Typically, this leads to self righteousness stemming from defending our self. It is the practice, not the rule, self righteousness and denial go hand in hand.

The atheist will hold out to deny reason or logic to the point-of-no-return silliness in his argument. He will always have that opportunity to accept the truth of the Gospel and the proof in the prophesies and be saved. The professed Christian in all their self righteousness and denial will more than likely carry their ignorance to the grave. As they presume to tell everyone else they are not sufficient Christians, where they will spend eternity is only known to the Lord.

The Lord has knowledge of where we are at in our conscious awareness and the contents of our heart. We cannot begin to conceive of His omnipotence, timing, and compassion. When we least expect it, He is there (all along) and just a word in our heart at the right time can change our life. In our stubbornness and fear of truly grasping the unknown (or unseen) by faith in the Son of God, we miss out completely what He had in store for us.

Consequently, we continue to travel around the wilderness longer than necessary. Any happiness we think we experience without God in our life is just empty illusion. I can tell you, not only by the inerrant Word of God, but, by my own experience…

If you lean not on your own understanding, but, trust in Him with all your heart, and in all your ways acknowledge Him - HE WILL DIRECT YOUR PATH!!!

Some will have no idea what I'm saying, while someone else will understand completely and needed to hear it. There is a purpose for everything.

If you are looking for a New Year’s resolution, why not commit yourself to telling someone of the goodness the Lord has brought you and the relief of knowing your destination after this world. They may ask questions and you just might save a life.
Iniquity keeps us from experiencing a complete relationship with Jesus, and receiving all He intends for our lives. CLICK ON THE MAN IN BONDAGE AND SET HIM FREE

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