Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Non-Power Of Terrorists

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The Non-power of Terrorists

I just read the sentencing statements made by the gentleman who tried to ignite his shoe-bomb on a plane a few years ago. Obviously, it contained the usual Muslim stuff, about Allah and jihad and all of it. What was interesting was the judge's comments.

The judge outlined very well how America will never ever give in to people who are simply mass murderers masquerading as soldiers. Terrorists are not really fighting a war, they are just trying to kill people. All of this death and destruction under the guise of religious war is extremely foolish. There is no real hope for a cause like that, where all that happens is random death.

I was especially impressed with how the judge mentioned over and over again how America had been through these situations before, and will happily go through them again. We are the ones who end the wars. We never run from fear. We are not in the business of giving up. We come to the aid of countries that need us. We alone are sometimes the only ones who are able to make a significant difference, and that is actually okay with us.

Other countries are jealous of our freedom. They are jealous of our way of life. They are jealous of how we can do virtually anything we want, wherever we want. We are not hampered by the world. Our individual rights are the best this world has to offer. We are a courageous, determined people and mass murder holds no place in this country or any other.

Where does Jesus fit in to all this? He is the one who INVENTED AMERICA!!! It was His religion that brought about these freedoms. He is the one who inspired the founding fathers. He is the one who guides the decisions of our leaders. If you look at the viewpoints of the last 200 years of America, and beyond really, they are CHRISTIAN VALUES! We are a country that comes to the defense of other countries because Jesus ALWAYS helps people who are impoverished and dominated by villains. Do you know what makes Christians different than other people? THE SACRIFICE!!! We will gladly hand over our happiness, our comfort, our money, to aid those people in the world who are without.
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