Friday, February 5, 2010

The Misconception of Ahmadinejad and the 12th Imam

Recently, Glenn Beck, political commentator on Fox News Channel, did a piece on Iran and the intent of Mahmud Ahmmanuhtjob to "hasten" the arrival of the Mahdi(muslim messiah). While Beck makes a good point in reference to the evil and down right lunacy which poses as a religion to oppress all humanity into slavery, he fails to place it in the proper perspective, as do so many.

By escaping from, or eluding the true perspective of Islam's agenda presents a huge threat. Just as the rhetoric talking points of the leftists in our country, the politically correct stance to carefully stay within a (non-offensive) position so as to not reveal the true nature of the (political) organization fails the people.

Rosie O'Donnell, one of the commentators on The View (ABC), stated, "Christians are every bit as dangerous as radical muslims." and received applause. We can all excuse O'Donnell's comments as 'par for the lune' typical ignorance. Speaking to a nationwide audience has never made one responsible for what is spewed, and there will always be those who will believe it. Same goes for a respected voice, such as Glenn Beck. More so, as he is taken more seriously. Just as the Holy Gospel is misconstrued oftentimes by evangelists, many facts are reformed into a concept of which lightens the threat. Beck seems to be pragmatic where convenient, but, still retains a certain level of 'political correctness'. He refuses to come out and label Islam as being RADICAL.

It is getting back to my #1 pet peeve, the label of "Radical Islam" which projects an image that only a crazy portion of muslims actually wish Israel and U.S. harm. This is the planned strategy of Islam, through our 'politically correct' ignorance and the civil rights laws we enjoy, and they hate. Islamic propaganda sells the illusion it is really a peaceful "religion" and only a few "radicals" misinterpret the teachings of the koran.

This brings me back to Beck, who portrays the President of Iran (Ahmmanuhtjob) as being a member of a small and out-of-control group. TRUE --- Ahmmanuhtjob is insane, and this makes him very dangerous as he aspires to become a nuclear power to complete his agenda. He has made it very clear many times all over the globe, even here in our country as we allowed him a stage, his intention is to 'hasten' the Mahdi's return.

The Mahdi, in the koran, can only return to a 'cleansed society'. He cannot return among a world full of infidels, or non-believers of Islam. Beck states Ahmmanuhtjob believes he must create 'turmoil' and carnage all over the world, then the Mahdi will return and 'wipe out' all the infidels. Ahmmanuhtjob's beliefs are in line with the teachings of the koran. The koran is very clear as to what makes a faithful muslim. One of the demands is KNOWING THE KORAN.

All TRUE muslims are to be completely knowledgeable of the ARABIC translation of the koran. There are other VERSIONS of the koran, even in English, for the purpose of selling the 'peace' propaganda to the rest of the globe. It puts spins on certain scriptures which depict prejudice and violence against Israelis and Westerners. It plays with words and wordage, so as to present a vague translation to defend the argument Islam is really a peaceful, loving religion, when in reality Islam is a political agenda POSING as a religion. Defended by those of whom supposedly promoting liberty and freedom, Islam is anything BUT!
Those muslims who claim it is a 'radical' few that believe Westerners and Jews must die, are either liars, in order to promote the false propaganda, or apostates. The apostates, seen to TRUE muslims as being just as 'guilty' as infidels, are also subject to death according to the koran. If they don't believe the teachings of the koran, they are apostates. If they convert from Islam to another religion, they are apostates, and are subject to assassination. At least with infidels(all who are not muslim) the koran teaches they are to be given the opportunity to convert to Islam. Jews are not so fortunate as Muhammad taught they were not human and should be killed at any opportunity. This is what jihad is fulfilling. Jews must die, all others believe what muslims believe, or they will also die.
All Americans should have a true perspective of what we are up against, not the version ignorant Western defenders perpetuate. These people, who lash out at anyone that attempts to unveil the truth, have no idea what the koran teaches. They will argue with those whom are knowledgeable of its danger to all humanity. The same people that promote laws against what they refer to as "Hate speech", also defend the koran which is all about hate, and violence toward any of whom do not believe. So called muslims claiming the koran teaches peace are as much muslim as Oprah Winfrey is Christian.

Normally, one would reasonably believe you cannot argue or defend that which you have no knowledge, but, when it comes to the koran people lose all reason and common sense. Muslims and non-muslims, alike, constantly defend the koran with untruths and rhetoric which does not exist except through deceptive translation. So you think, "What does all this have to do with me?" Or, you say, "I'm not going to worry about it, because it is written, and God is in control," to anyone who will listen. This is also dangerous as it is promoting apathy, and there is nothing godly about withdrawing from the events which threaten our society, when you could have stood against the evil tyranny.

By not being knowledgeable of the truth, or not getting involved by hiding behind a misinterpreted scripture, we are helping the enemy. Ignorance and apathy is exactly what the enemy counts on, so the indoctrination can spread, just like the perversions have been spread throughout America over the past few decades. What used to be the "Moral Majority" is quickly becoming the minority, due to apathy and expecting someone else to do what every Christian had a duty to accomplish--- STOP evil in its tracks!

Now, even our country's leaders are promoting perversions, and in our schools, when a decade ago it would have been unthinkable and unacceptable. I have heard "Christians" state it's alright, their kids are home schooled, or attend parochial schools. If we are true Christians, how do we accept evil for ANYONE in society, as long as it doesn't affect us? Liberals/atheists claim they are not their brother's keeper. By letting evil takeover, how are we to be sure our children's children will be safe, as we allowed the freedom to home school or private schools to be eliminated, and laws implemented to revoke our freedom to choose against perversions?

Those of you whom are certain the current events are leading to the Lord's return and He is in control, and all you have to do is pray and leave it to Him. Yes, He is in control, but, how does that exonerate us from fulfilling our duty as a Christian, to face tyranny and fight evil? How is it so many seem to know that which God went to great lengths to conceal from humanity---the time of His coming? By doing nothing, we promote the evil, by way of little or no resistance. That is why rebellion to tyranny is obedience to God, but, so many Christians would have you believe it is a sin to even know what is going on or get involved in politics. How absurd!

I advise all who believe the end times are upon us, and there is no reason to exert ones self to resist, read Revelations, chapter 3. The Lord states while the Master is away, a good servant is just as diligent as if He were here, watching, and should remain diligent until He returns. (Rev 2:26) And he that overcomes, and keeps my works till the end, to him I will give power over all the nations.

How are we innocent when we did nothing to stop evil? Jihad is not a religion. It is, however, a command of the koran. It is the agenda of Islamic jihad to abolish the freedom of every soul on earth. You think this is false, or so far off, or someone else will stop it? Then you must also believe there is no judgement day, and you will not be accountable.

The reason the Apostle Paul wrote an urgent second letter to the Thessalonians was because he heard that they became lazy as they misinterpreted his message, "The coming of our Christ is at hand," and believed there was no reason to do anything but await His arrival.

***A report released this week had the U.S. media abuzz with speculation after the state-run Press TV quoted Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Sunday as saying that the nation will deliver a harsh blow to “global arrogance” on February 11.No details on or explanation of the statement were revealed...(Read More)

Just as a 'watered down' Gospel poses a threat to our salvation, a 'watered down' koran poses a threat to ALL humanity.

Ahmadinejad is not the one misinterpreting the Koran!

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