Monday, February 22, 2010

Son of Hamas Leader Denounces Islam (Video)

Son of Hamas leader converts to Christianity - Fox news Video of Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of influential Hamas Leader Sheikh Hassan Yousef, has converted to Christianity, and said that there will never be peace between Islam and the rest of the world. The whole purpose for Islamic jihad is to enslave the rest of the globe into their beliefs and oppress humanity.

The general public, and especially Christians, must wake up to the FACTS and drop the rhetoric that Islam is a peaceful religion and only a radical few wish Israel and the entire civilized Western World harm.

I am amazed at how many misguided Christians have blocked me because I am too involved in politics and speak against islam. If more Christians do not start getting involved our country will be run by immoral heathens. Apathy and protecting ourselves from 'bad news' is not's evil dissuading us from getting involved!

You see in the above video where the son of the Hamas leader himself is warning you Islam will NEVER come to peaceful terms with the rest of humanity. The Koran commands jihad and the annihilation of all infidels. What will it take to wake up those of whom are so misguided? Everyone who believes so strongly these are end times and God is in control, and they are to do nothing, are placing themselves in the roles of false prophets as they presume to persuade others of their calamity.

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