Thursday, April 9, 2009

Realigned Apostacy

Many involved in Biblical Prophecy journalism could not refuse the hot topic of late. During the G20 meetings and Barack Obama's New World Order tour last week, He bowed to the
King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud. Obama's administration immediately dismissed this obvious gesture as "He was being courteous because the King is shorter."

If the Ayatollah is like the Pope in the Muslim world, King Abdullah is like the Arch-Bishop. They can say whatever, to explain this away, and many ignorant people and Obama 'cult' followers will believe it. The truth is, it came from Obama's heart. It is obviously a bow, with a genuflect added in. To Obama, this was probably the greatest moment, so far, of being the President. It will only be topped when he visits Iran, and goes all the way to the floor in front of the Ayatollah.

Many Christians call this an apostasy. Obama an apostate? That is what called me to jump on the proverbial wagon and join the thousands writing about this. So many think Obama really thought he was a Christian at one time, and is falling away. A 'drunk with power' sort of syndrome. Why are so many fooled by this man? He has never been a Christian for one second of his sorry life. Not to mention, his slashing the dignity of the Presidency.

I don't disparage when I say the Muslim faith is corrupt and divisive. The same thing Obama accused America of, during his speech in Turkey last week. I am not speaking off the cuff. I have had first hand experience and knowledge of that which I speak. Let me start by giving you a little background on how the Muslim faith, or the Koran, got started. Loosely based on the Old Testament, they believe Jesus was a prophet, but, mostly incorrect. Their big prophet, Mohamed, was a drunk, and an illiterate. He was working as a hand on a camel train in the desert when he met a well-to-do widow, and married her. He didn't work anymore, so he took up drinking more.

One day, in a drunken stupor, Mohamed began babbling unintelligible words. His buddies thought it was some sort of spiritual conjuring, and as the word spread, it also grew. Scribes were called, as Mohamed loved the attention, and he babbled on a regular basis. They were convinced he was speaking in tongues, and they were able to translate. Sound Holy?

This is why the Muslims get so mad when they hear of cartoons or ill words against their wholly man (I spelled it right). They know he was a clown, and as a defense to keep their people ignorant, they fight any criticism to the death. The religion is based on lies and hate. This is a simple fact, but, when described as such, the liberals wig out, as it is not politically correct to categorize it as such. It makes them feel like our religion is better than theirs. It is better... it's the only true God. There is no other.

Another myth about the Muslim religion, is they are basically loving peaceful people, it is just the radicals who believe in killing. That nonsense only comes from ignorance, or liars. Death to infidels is their belief, not the doctrine of a few. The Koran teaches all non believers which cannot be converted, should be eliminated. In fact, all infidels are supposed to be eliminated before the mufti (their equivalent to Jesus) can return. This is why Mahmud Ahmahnuhttjhob, President of Iran, is so dangerous. He believes that he can hurry the return of the mufti by initiating WWIII.Then, the world can be cleansed of all infidels.

Barack Hussein Obama, aka, Berry Soetero was first enrolled in a Kenya school at the age of 7. It is widely believed, with vast evidence, he was born in Kenya, which makes him ineligible to be President. In any event, it is listed on records to enter school his religion is Islam. This had to be listed, as he was entering a Catholic based facility, and it is illegal to attempt any conversion.

Circled is Barack in school in Indonesia, where he was claimed as citizenship. Indonesia does not acknowledge dual citizenship, and it would not be legal to run for President. Barack has always claimed he never lived in Kenya and was never Muslim. Whenever evidence and proof has been introduced, Barack starts crying they are lying, picking on him, "Because he doesn't look like all the other Presidents on the dollar bills". In the Muslim faith, it is fine to lie, and take advantage of other people. If they get away with it, even if it hurts the other person, especially an infidel, it was their time to be blessed by Allah, and the victims time to be educated. Completely opposite of the Christian teaching of loving and helping even your enemy.
Barack has made several public statements, condescending of the Christian faith. He does not like Christians. He does not like America or our Constitution. His agenda for America is to lead us into the New World Order, as was the Bush's, and the Clintons. The elitists in this country are led only by greed and power. They have no love for our founding fathers way of government to ensure the elimination of tyranny. The way to achieve the global plan is to eliminate our values as Christians, and Patriots. When anyone speaks out against Barack, or his ridiculous plans supposedly meant to cure the economy, a pack of liberal politicians and Hollywood celebrities hit the mainstream media repeating the same rhetoric talking points over and over.
Biblically, Barack cannot be the Antichrist, but, he is so evil it makes many wonder. If he is shot and pronounced dead, then comes back to life, I will be astounded for two reasons: 1.) everybody was wrong in regards to logistics in the Bible's interpretation of where the Antichrist originates; and 2.) It means I missed the rapture. Even though all this is written, and nothing can stop Bible prophecy, we are all expected to fight for our country, which has been blessed until now.
As more and more states go against the popular vote and bow to the few in order to allow gay marriage, we won't remain blessed. As we take more steps to eliminate God from society, we will more lose our blessing. As we accept the ugly nature of Hollywood and the revolution against Christians and Israel grows and we continue to kill babies, our blessings are all but gone. This is not the same christian based country that God blessed us with two and a half centuries ago. I cannot believe the rapid succession of events in the past few years to fulfill prophecy.
The Obama apostacy, technically, is when he fell away from his Muslim faith in order to pose as a Christian. Unfortunately, for America, by the Muslim faith, this charade is fine, as the end justifies the means.

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