Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another Senseless Church Shooting

Fred Winters

The Pastor of First Baptist Church in Maryville, Illinois was shot and killed during services this morning. Preliminary reports reveal only that the gunman rushed up to the front of the congregation and began shooting, striking the Pastor more than once, and wounding others before being subdued by parishioners. At this time, the suspect is in custody, wounded himself by an apparent knife wound. Early accounts of the incident suggest the unknown man was not part of the church as has been the case so many times in recent past.

The Pastor is apparently the only fatality at this time. He is with his Lord. All our prayers should go out to the wounded and all the families of the victims, including the assailant. The actions of one person has brought on a lot of pain and sorrow for many. Hopefully, everyone involved can focus on the Lord and see that He will use this senseless tragedy for good. I know in the middle of a tragedy that is hard to hold onto, but, we must. Please, pray for those involved to seek His Will, even in the middle of that which makes no sense. God Bless you.

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