Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Labor Pains Get Closer Together

Twice last week the Ayatollah of Iran, the supreme leader, issued a public statement, contrary to what so many have been misled to believe. He confirmed once again, the radical views of Iran's President, Mahmud Ahmuhnuttjhob, is not exclusively his (and carried no weight). The announcements rejecting any resolve between Iran and Israel/US relations came on the heels of yesterdays broadcast of US President Barack Obama's appeal to the Iranians, "We come in peace".

President Obama has been advised over and over the notion of embracing Iran and changing their mind to destroy Israel and the West is futile. Immediately after taking office, the President, operating on his own agenda, issued orders to close the Guantanamo Bay Prison, where the terrorist captives are being held. His priority in beginning his administration was to send out a message to terrorists that we are capable of dealing. Once again, he was advised continuously by all experts the futility of dealing with terrorists. All radical Muslims, and especially Iran, want to hear just one thing from America...our surrender to the Muslim belief. When it comes to Israel, total annihilation and nothing less.

We keep being force fed mythical, misled beliefs that most Muslims are all about peace, and wish us and Israel no harm. The fact is, the Koran teaches that all infidels should be killed if they refuse to convert. The Iranian President has made all preparations for the return of their Mufti, the Muslim equivalent of a messiah. The Mufti, by Muslim teachings, can only return when a third World War has taken place, and the earth is cleansed of all infidels. The Iranian President believes he can make this most holy Muslim event occur sooner by starting this war of all wars.

Barack Obama has been made aware of all aspects of trying to negotiate with Iran. He will disregard all intelligence laid out for him in a desperate attempt to thwart any events taking place on his watch. This was President Clinton's philosophy. It is my belief, when Clinton and Obama met in private after the elections, the most prominent message was to make all attempts to divert any conflict. The Democrats do not want to spend a dime on military costs, or defence. They see that as wasted money which could be spent on welfare to romance voters. Clinton stripped our military budgets, depriving soldiers of necessary equipment. Usama bin Laden was just taking the stage in his realm of evil. Two Embassies and USS Cole had been bombed. Shortly before Clinton was to leave office, he was notified of the exact coordinates of bin Laden's location. He refused to give the order to take out the bin Laden, stating he would leave that for the next President to deal with it.

September 11, 2001 the next President, George W Bush, was forced to deal with it. The Democrats began a campaign to draw attention away from Clinton's gross negligence. It was released to newspapers and liberal media intelligence was made available to President Bush to suggest he failed to act. Such a noise was made, the truth was buried. President Obama is repeating the same strategy, throwing constant blame in daily campaign speeches, and making foreign affair policies that will be the death of us.

Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, has issued Israel warning from Obama that America will accept no less than division of Jerusalem to the Palestinians. The New Prime Minister of Israel, Netinyahu, has already begun putting together a military strategy to deal with Hamas and the Iranians. The same day Hillary Clinton was in Israel, the Prime Minister of Great Britain was in our Senate Building mapping out his proposal for global government, which Obama embraces. In fact, most world leaders are in favor of a global administration. Obama's financial policies are creating a devastating situation of which a drastic global solution may well be the only course.

In the course of just ten days we have seen Biblical Prophecy come to life as never before. People have been led from reason and truth as never before. The lies and confusion of the enemy, so as to set the stage for the Antichrist, is prevalent as never before. We have been informed by reliable Russian sources Iran is much further along in achieving nuclear weapons than previously believed. Ten years ago, most Christians thought it was impossible for us to be in such a state that any of these things would be conceivable. Prophetic events are unfolding at an increased rate, just like a woman's labor pains. That is what the Bible refers to as the conditions of the world, nearing the end times. It will be in turmoil.

We, as Christians, must be in a frame of mind so as to constantly be prepared to share our faith with loved ones, friends, or even strangers given the opportunity. A few years ago most Theologians believed we had many years before certain events could be conceived of through our confusion. Now, all these events are unfolding at a staggering rate, and society as a whole, is definitely confused. When many vanish without a trace in the rapture, most left behind will succumb to the explanation of terrorists or aliens at fault.

I am saddened by the thought of so many left behind, due to stubbornness and ignorance. I am also increasingly finding many 'Christians' do not even believe in the pre-Tribulation rapture. We must make every attempt to get through to all who may be in a state of not being saved. We cannot take the chance of a loved one remaining in the Tribulation. Examine yourself. Are you living with any iniquity? If so, repent, and focus on the Lord. Then, focus on everyone around you. Are they where they should be with the Lord? When we are in His presence, we will be accountable for every soul we let get away without service to Him. When you see me up there, introduce yourself.

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