Monday, March 23, 2009

The Real Battle

The one thing we need to keep in the front of our conscious awareness is...who do we serve? The events of today, as we are led to perceive them, are not controllable by humans. It is written, and always has been. The real battle is not between capitalism and socialism, left and right, nation and nation, but, between Good and evil.

When you view this full length documentary, do so with an open mind. Put your misguided, liberal, cult following rhetoric aside for just a few moments. We can make a noise for a season, but, nothing will change what is already in place. All you are about to see has been prophecy for thousands of years. The whole reason for Satan to confuse and manipulate the majority of Pastors and people we have always placed our trust in, is so we will not accept the truth when it slithers up and bites us in the face. The only real "CHANGE" we can believe in... as Christian Soldiers is to prepare as many loved ones, as well as strangers, to be with us in the final prophecy, and avoid the final conflict.

more about "The Real Battle", posted with vodpod *So you ask, "If all this is written, why then should I get involved?" Good question! Because God hates 'luke warm' believers. That is people who profess to belong to Him, but, just sit back and let others serve in His name. We are to be on fire for Him. That is written, also. When we become indifferent to the consequences which encompass our life we are missing out on the enormous opportunity to bring others to salvation. We simply rationalize the need to serve. God does not need our service. It is not for His benefit. It is for our benefit. On judgement day, which will come to all, He will ask why we did not serve Him. *When we get into our comfort zone, which I believe the 'warm & fuzzy' preachers are mostly to blame, we lose the need to act. When the bad news (ie: iniquity in our life) is watered down, we lose the need for the good news. If we cannot point out to a non-believer the need for being saved, why then should he feel the urgency to be saved? If we are to believe most evangelists, we are all saved and and don't have to worry about the iniquity in us. This is a play on words. *As we may have been led to believe we were saved at one time, because we said the prayer of salvation, we never followed up by seeking His Will. Many point out to me scripture such as Paul's letters to the Hebrews, Galatians and Romans, etc., which speak of never losing our salvation. That is true, for the TRUE believer. Commonly, evangelists snatch what they like from the Bible to make their 'warm & fuzzy' point. They do us a disservice, as they are sealing our fate. If the same context was continued in its integrity, all these messages pertaining to salvation, such as Hebrews 6:4, would point out - if you professed, but, returned to iniquity, you missed the point of being saved, and never were. *When we are saved, we surrender to the Lord as our Saviour. We commit to the Holy Spirit in our life. The Holy Spirit will not share us with the fleshly desires we choose. As we take back our iniquity, and love the world, we reject the Holy Spirit. To reject the Holy Spirit is blasphemy. To fall away from the Lord for a season means we didn't understand what it really meant to follow Him and we were never really saved, but, think we are. This is why I preach the simple fact, the atheist has a better chance to go to Heaven than the common "Christian". The common misled believer is comfortably mistaken they have nothing to worry about, and will be shocked when they are damned. The atheist has a chance to realize his calamity, and truly turn his heart over to the Lord. We cannot love the world and love the Lord. It's your choice.

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